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November 14, 2007

Louisville Art Gallery
Saturday November 17, 2007
Six Year Anniversary Invitational
Stop by and pick out a truly original, one of a kind piece of art as a gift to yourself.
You just can't count on Santa having good taste in Art!
Congratulate Steve on 6 Years of living the dream!

..then.. Just Walk Across the Street...

Direct from Logan Iowa - One Night Only
Fork in the Road
Click Here
Saturday Nov 17
Live in Louisville
at the
Good Times

Ri n g i n g i n t h e Sea so n
The dynamic duo of Dee and Nancy have the BUILD Events Committee revved up for another memorable Christmas in Louisville with the
3rd Annual
R in gi ng i n t he Season Event Saturday December 8th.
Businesses are notified, that it is time to register your tree
For the Christmas Tree Lane

If you remember right, Physicians Clinic  won 2 years in a row in '05, and '06
so Care Center, and Farmers Bank,
Workman Precast,  WireBuilt..
I guess it is time to take it up a notch!
Click to register online Click Here
or by picking up your application from Dee 234-7705 at the City Office.

The last in the annual Trifecta of Traditions,
R i n g i ng in t h e S e a s o n always shows Louisville's best, brightest and most festive spirit.
Stay Tuned for Further Updates Soon!

...and now, a message from our sponsors...
Unique Gift Ideas that Always Fit, and are Always a Hit
Christmas Spirit from Soaring Wings
Soaring Wings Wine Club

Shadow Lake Towne Center
Where Shopping is an Event!
Gift Cards - On Line!

The Lofte Season Tickets Online
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Buy your Buddy a Blog
Give someone their own Blog site
Including tutoring to get them started
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Louisville Library (get cozy with a book)
Contributed by Lisa Sheehan
LOUISVILLE LIBRARY-Recently purchased titles are available for checkout!  They include:  Truly Madly Manhattan by Nora Roberts, Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karan, Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell, Last Known Victim by Erica Spindler, Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen,  Amazing Grace by Danielle Steele and Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which is this months' Oprah's Book Club selection.


With winter approaching, it is a great time to curl up with a good book.


Our newest video selections on DVD are Surf's Up, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Meet the Robinsons, Spiderman 3 and Evan Almighty.

Come and see what we have to offer!  Our regular hours are 10-12 and 1:30 - 5pm Monday and Friday, 1:30 - 6pm on Wednesday and 8:30-12 on Saturday (Click Here)

Home Made Thanksgiving Pies and Cakes
Call today, and reserve your pies for Thanksgiving!
There is only so much space in that oven, so send
your kid down to pick up the pies you ordered from
Main Street Cafe
Tell the kid not to rat on you, and you can take all the credit for perfect pies!!
The phone number is easy!


Wounded Soldier Christmas Card
(Important Update)
Thanks to Danielle, for this new information:
A call to Walter Reed this morning revealed that they are no longer able to do the "Injured Soldier" program for the Christmas cards. The cards will not get to them. She called the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD as well. (apparently there is a security concern  with the non-specific addressed mail, what a world)

best way to send a bunch of cards to injured soldiers, is the Red Cross office at Walter Reed.
Bundle multiple cards in one big manilla envelope and send them to the Red Cross office and they will distribute them:


Red Cross
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Heaton Pavillion
Washington, DC 20307
You can also call and get a soldier’s name to send a card.
The number is (202)782-3501


The man there said they can also use stamps, gloves and stocking caps at the Red Cross


V i s i t t h e L i o n s D e n
Get all the latest on our Louisville Lions at
Provided by Mike Krambeck and Krambeck Photography
View and purchase professional photos of our athletes (Click Here) that will provide a lifetime of memories, and help support the fine work of Mike and Pam

..and Now,.. for the REST .... of the story..
get all the real Cass County news at
Provided by the good folks at the Plattsmouth Journal

Louisville Birthdays,
Anniversaries, Celebrations
 and Special Announcements
this will be a now be regular feature in this weekly newsletter, send your announcements to [email protected]
Eldon Hansen
Known to many Louisvillians
simply as "
Celebrated a Birthday on November 9th
If you would like to send belated Birthday Greetings to Eldon,
Click Here:

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All comments will be saved, reviewed and considered, so this is your chance to say what you think!
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Hey, Life is Better Here!
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Select a lot in our new Subdivision, drive down and check it out,
get a loan eat dinner, then buy some firewood!
you too can experience the Better Life!

From the Editor
Trained Weasels
The Legend of "Sleepless in Louisville"
I was reminded yesterday of our first community-wide online controversy.
It was 6 years ago in 2001, and it really began our Community Internet experiment.

It turns out that there is a piece of the Louisville Experience that is universal; the sound of the trains as they chug by, with an occasional
whistle in the distance.

In the early days of the Discussion Forum people were anonymous except for an alias they would choose, and a Posting appeared one day from an individual called
"Sleepless in Louisville" The posting explained that the whistles, made it difficult to sleep and asked for opinions. The response was immediate from several folks that felt the sound of the train whistle in the night was soothing, familiar and re-assuring, i.e. "the sound of home".

As the discussion continued, both Pro and Con it was obvious that the issue divided the community almost exactly in half, and the discussion became more and more vigorous. Everybody seemed to have an opinion. We may yet disclose the true identity of Sleepless, there has been a lot of speculation, but it remains a true Louisville Mystery.

Our webmaster Irina had recently arrived in Nebraska from the big city, with a Masters degree in Language, was puzzled when she heard how strongly residents felt about
Trained Weasels but took it all in stride. It must be a small town thing.

This week is Irina appreciation week as she is
visiting her family back in Russia after 9 years.
We were very fortunate that Laura Setchell was available to help,
and Irina did a lot of training. But Saturday she had to go and leave this bunch of trained weasels to run the various businesses:


Man, do I appreciate her now!!

Maybe it would be a good idea, to do something nice, right now, for that hard working better-half of yours.


Having Fun and Planning our Christmas Tree South of the River
Computer John
mailto:[email protected]ebraska.Com

p.s. To subscribe or UN-subscribe to the LouisvilleNebraska.Com Newsletter, go to: http://


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