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February 28, 2007

Louisville is HOT!!
An Oasis for your laptop between Lincoln and Omaha
(The toasted BMT and soup is hot too!)

Thanks to Rod Little, and Louisville's Subway "Hot Spot" Louisville is the first City that can point to a Public Wireless Internet Hot Spot right on Hwy 50!

Ok, Pop Quiz: You are a young lawyer, just finished your 11am meeting with the Governor in Lincoln. You are headed back to a meeting in Omaha, you have 2 hours to sum up the Governors position and email your report to your secretary. You are going to be on the road, and you are starving.
What do you do?
Wait a minute.. you just remembered now that Louisville has a lunch place with WiFi access! You can stop there, eat, finish your report and email it in time!
Man, Louisville is a WireLess Internet Oasis!

Now imagine, that the only place your cell phone would work would was a Pizza Shop in the next town, can you imagine how busy that Pizza shop would be once the word got out?

It is really very similar, for people that depend on their portable computers.

WireLess Omaha:
One Month ago, Jan 28th, 2007 the Omaha World Herald ran an article entitled "Hot Spots help make Omaha a "technologically friendly" city. The article pointed to the growing number of convenient "Hot Spots" around the city.
They explained that a Hot Spot is popular vernacular for a business that pays to maintain an invisible bubble of high speed wireless internet access for their customers. Any time you walk into a Panera Bread in Omaha, you will see students working on papers, real estate agents finishing up quotes, lawyers answering their email all having coffee or a sandwich.

The WireLess Wilderness: If you and your wireless laptop cross the Platte, you enter a desert, a barren dark land with no place to go where you can sniff crisp clear free high-speed wireless internet access until now! Travelers, and vacationers in the Parks have wandered desperately into Louisville in the past, begging in pitiful fashion for just a little taste of internet access, just enough to check email, or find out if their client accepted the proposal. "Please don't me drive back to Omaha!"

These pitiful beggars from their RV's with their fish poles, would be wearing shorts, tattered t-shirts and clutching one of these
Click Here WIFI sniffers

A Kindly Old Webmaster: at WireBuilt on 2nd and Main street and takes pity on the most desperate (
read persistent) of these internet beggars and has let many sip from the network well, or use one of the guest computers in the office there.

The plight of these net-less urchins came to the attention of John Plucknett and BUILD recently and he asked Andy Mixan and John Harrington to see if we as a city could be more hospitable and to these unplugged unfortunates and the result was the "BUILD WireLess Louisville Initiative".

Several Businesses on Main Street have stepped forward and agreed to join together and provide a unified solution, and to call upon the resources of BUILD to communicate to the world, that
Louisville is HOT!

For more on this and many other exciting Louisville Projects: join us at the Next BUILD meeting Tuesday, March 6th at the Louisville Care Center
Click Here for information

Fish Fry Time!
Annual Fish Fry at Louisville Fire Station
Friday, March 2nd
Friday, March 30th
5pm - 8pm
Suggested Donation:
Adults - $7.50
Children 6 to 12 yrs - $4.00
Children under 6 - Free
Food is always excellent!!!!
proceeds go to support our Louisville Volunteer Fire and Rescue!

Lion Wrestlers at State!
By Jack Mayfield on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 - 05:28 pm:

According to Stu Pospisil of the Omaha World Herald, Louisville (21-2) will play #7 seed Oakland-Craig (17-7) at 7:00pm on Thursday March 8 at Lincoln North Star.

If the Lions win, they play the winner of the 5:00 game between #3 seed Perkins County (16-4) and #6 seed Loup City (19-4) in a semifinal game at 9:00pm Friday March 9 at Pershing.

The upper bracket includes #8 seed Weeping Water (17-8) against #1 seed Ponca (23-1) at 1:30pm and a battle of wild card teams, #4 Deshler (21-2) and #5 Fremont Bergan (18-4), at 9:00pm.

The C-2 state tournament championship is 1:30pm on Saturday March 10 at the Devaney Center.

Official brackets at NSAA website

Lofte Annual Meeting Re-Scheduled
By Webmaster on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 - 02:41 pm:

The Lofte Community Theatre near Manley, NE will hold its annual meeting on Sunday, February 25 at 2pm. For the first time ever, the meeting will take place at the theater itself. In years past, the meeting has been held at local churches, community buildings or Mahoney State Park. However, with the construction on the new state-of-the-art facility completed this past spring, the meeting can now be held on site.

The Lofte's annual meeting serves as a reunion for actors and volunteers who were involved in the theater in 2006. However, anyone who has ever been involved with a production is welcome to attend. After refreshments and a social hour, a business meeting will be held and finally, Artistic Director, Kevin Colbert, will announce the upcoming theater events for 2007.

Special Thanks to Dan and the City Guys
I was asked to make a special note of how wonderful our city guys are, at winter stuff. I was told to make mention of the speed that pot holes, get fixed!
Good ol' Dan
Hates Pot Holes!
The should know better by now, stay away from Louisville!

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Hey, Life is Better Here!
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you too can experience the Better Life!

Hi Mom! Having Fun and Sniffing the Net South of the River
Computer John
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