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Official NORAD Santa Tracking

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

 Santa thru window

 The Best Technology Available to assist in Tracking

the progress of Santa as he travels from the North Pole to Louisville, and Cedar Creek!


Definitely on  Santa's "Nice List" Ellie Geise

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Tweeted from the Purple Pride



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Happy Holidays from Mark www.228Main.com


We are still learning about communications in the 21st century.

We find that the New Media is simply another way to connect with the people we know.

If you aren’t into it, you still benefit because we have more time for one on one discussion, too.

The effort is evolving, and we wanted to update you on the current status.


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Once or twice a week, we post an article that relates to investing or planning philosophy or principles or methods on our main portal.

Greg Leibman and I research and collaborate on these. Not every one will be pertinent to every person, but we hope many will be of some interest to most.

Here’s a recent example: http://228main.com/2015/12/16/make-sense-of-your-financial-planning/

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This is a remarkable information aggregator, and we frequently pass along items if interest in addition to our own short updates and commentary.

We average two to four quick takes daily. You can bookmark it, or if you are registered, follow us.

Some of our most popular content has been the lessons from the natural world that we’ve created.

The newest example is below; the first three can be seen at www.228main.com/Gallery

A Merry and blessed Christmas, and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year to you.

Mark Leibman

LPL Financial

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Hopes Closet Warms Hearts in this Season of Hope

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Click Here for the SENDD December 2015 Newsletter in .Pdf Format


Click Here for the SENDD December 2015 Newsletter in .Pdf Format


Cass County is currently in the process of updating and revising the 1994 Solid Waste Plan.
The end plan will seek to provide recommendations to the County and Communities
to mitigate disposal costs and increase economic benefits and opportunities through better utilizing wasted resources.
We recognize that no plan will achieve its stated goals without the support of the communities
involved and so we would appreciate if you could take a couple of moments
to answer the questions below.  Answers can be given anonymously,
or you may fill in your details at the end of the survey if you would like to be kept updated with the progress.

Click Here to Take the Survey Now

Don't Let this Opportunity Go To Waste!

Danielle Easdale


lions nov15

Click Image Above for November LPS Newsletter in .pdf Format


...for The Gift that Keeps On Giving...

Early Bird Lofte 2016 Season Tickets!
It’s here!  Between now and December 31,
you have your chance to purchase your Lofte 2016 Season Tickets at a spectacular discount!  
Please note, there is one BIG change to the Lofte’s season structure.  
There will now be SIX regular season productions that run from April through December.  
We understand that some of our patrons aren’t able to attend each
production so we’ve created a structure that allows you to customize your season and still get great discounts.  
You can select four, five or all six shows next year and still save money!


lofte early birdA

4 Show Season = $55
5 Show Season = $65
6 Show Season = $75
We hope that this new season structure will allow more people to attend our shows.  
With great Broadway musicals and hilarious comedies, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s tastes.
When you make your purchase online, our staff will mail you an attractive Early Bird Voucher.  
We ask that you hold onto that voucher until you receive your complete season schedule which will be mailed to you by March 1.  
At that time, you can select your shows, production dates and seating.  Mail the season order form and the Early Bird Voucher back to us in March
and we’ll have your complete season package mailed back to you as soon as possible!
If you should have any questions at all, or if you’re more comfortable placing your order over the phone,
we ask that you contact our box office staff at (402) 234-2553.  We’d be glad to help you out!
NMG Feb2016

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Jeanne Anderson - No One Knows Louisville Better!

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