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B.U.I.L.D. 2017 President Terri Scholting Invites You to Become Involved

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terri scholting

Louisville is a Dynamic Community
with dedicated individuals that volunteer their time, energy and expertise to insure that Louisville has what it takes to meet the needs of its families and businesses for the next 50 years. Central to the sustained energy, is the BUILD Group that co-ordinates many community initiatives with the following group of Action Committees:

Louisville's Event Committee

The Events committee is responsible for planning and coordinating special events in Louisville. Responsibility extends to and includes but is not limited to recruiting, engaging and coordinating with other groups in town such as the JayCees, the City Council, various Civic Groups, etc. Responsible to create and maintain a Community Events Calendar

Louisville's Presentation Committee

The Presentation Committee is responsible for coordinating and improving the physical appearance and image of Main Street Louisville. The Presentation Committee will coordinate with any and all groups that display in any manner on Mainstreet to insure consistency with seasonal themes and programs through out the year. Responsibility extends to and includes but is not limited to signage, banners, business fronts and facades, etc.

Louisville's Economic Development Committee

This committee is responsible for promoting and coordinating economic development efforts and initiatives within Louisville and the surrounding areas.Responsibility extends to and includes but is not limited to: Roads, CRA, LB 840 funds, EDGE, business recruitment, business retention, as well as communication with other County and State Economic Development Groups.

Louisville's Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive Marketing Plan that will create an enduring positive perception of Louisville as a desirable community for family and/or business location.
Marketing shall specifically target the greater Omaha and Lincoln and Council Bluffs areas. Responsibility extends to and includes but is not limited to: Planning, Budgeting and implementing Advertising, and coordinating with local business and active groups such as the JayCees, the City Council and other BUILD Committees.


Louisville's Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee is responsible for maintaining and delivering the Welcome Basket to all new residents in our area. The Welcome Basket is intended to show Louisville Hospitality and acquaint new area residents with municipal and business services that are available to them. The area includes Louisville, South Bend, Cedar Creek, & Manley.

Louisville invites everyone to seek out an area that interests them, and get involved. By dividing the complete job, into interesting focused action committees your energy and time produces maximum satisfaction. If you can not find a committee that interests you; you are not trying.