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Governor Pete Ricketts Visits LPS

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 LPS had the honor of Governor Ricketts visit on Monday 10/26/15

The honorable Governor Ricketts came to speak to our students in grades 4-12.

What a Great and memorable experience for our students!

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Superintendent Farber Wote:
The district viewed this visit as a wonderful opportunity for our students
to get a glimpse of who the governor is and what he does.  
We have numerous courses and grade levels that study Nebraska History,
state government, the constitution , the election process ,
branches of the government , along with other aspects of the US and state government.  
This was simply an opportunity that placed and actual
elected official in front of our students and brought
relevance and "life" to what our staff and students learn on a daily basis.  
LPS was grateful for Governor Ricketts willingness to
give us his time and interact so willingly with our students.   It was a wonderful experience for our students and district as a whole.

Thank you to the Superintendent Andrew Farber , Margaret Minchow and the Purple Pride for pictures and content.


The "Sleepless 5" Band Performs Live at the Hopes Closet Benefit

Sunday 10/25/15 at the Cornhusker Country Music Theater downtown Louisville

Hope springs band

The First Annual Hopes Closet Open House featured a star studed compliment of performers donating their entire Sunday for Hope's Closet in Louisville. One of the performers was heard to say: "We blew that place away.  Please don't quote me on that!  But anyway, we, including these young kids,, did it out of and for the greater good.  Nathan is a Calculus major at UNL, Noel is a coder, we all have a lot going on!"


Lions fb

October 26, 2015 7:59 pm  •  Brent Hardin / Sports Editor

LOUISVILLE – Louisville closed the book on its 2015 football season with a high-scoring final chapter on its home field.

The Lions erupted for a season-best point total in a 65-7 victory over Johnson County Central.

Louisville led 13-0 after one quarter and increased the margin to 47-7 early in the fourth quarter.

LHS crossed the goal line several more times before the clock reached all zeroes.

Nic Snodgrass guided Louisville’s offense with 201 yards on six carries.

He posted scoring runs of 88 and 58 yards and hauled in a 38-yard touchdown reception.

Josh Gray caused problems for Johnson County Central as well.

He collected 153 rushing yards on eight carries. He generated touchdown scampers of 79, 64 and 15 yards.

Photos and Article Courtesy / and with the permission of the Plattsmouth Journal


 LPL 1015A

LPL 1015B

LPL 1015C

scary strip

Trick Or Treating for Main Street Businesses

Louisville Public Schools regarding at Main Street Businesses

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015

At 10:15 am - 35 kids

Between 1:30-2:30 pm - approx. 160 kids

This covers the preschool, Kids place daycare & grades K-2


Friday, take your scary Kid's to Plattsmouth

Platts Halloween on Main


Cass 4 H


2015 09 30 LOFTE Murder

The Lofte is adding two new and exciting events this Fall. 

On Friday, Oct. 30, you are invited to a Murder Mystery Costume Ball! 

The fun starts on stage at 7pm. 

Dress in your favorite costume and enjoy a delicious catered dinner. 

However, you should keep in mind that a killer is on the loose!  Everyone is a suspect! 

Who will be next?



Louisville Cleanup

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Matt Whipkey


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October LHS Newsletter - in PDF Format

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