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Meeting Friday 2/22 at 9AM

An important meeting to plan Louisville's Air Your Art event has been called. Your input is critical, Your ideas are valuable, We need your help! Help Louisville Sparkle this Spring. Please Attend!

Friday 9am City Office 


Volunteer Fire and Rescue Fish Fry
You are invited to Dinner!
A great Louisville Community Tradition Continues! 
2/22 5PM Fire Barn - Be There!


Movers and Shakers

Monthly Interview Feature - 3rd Wed Each Month 

  Havenmaker - Jeanne Anderson

 Area Artists Invited to Apply!
Air your Art in Louisville Needs You!
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In Memory of Hank; "The Hardware Cat"
Computer John Waxes Nostalgic



Posted by BUILD President Terri Scholting
February 15, 2008

Area artists are invited to participate in Air Your Art in Louisville,
a public banner art display event, sponsored by BUILD (Businesses
United In Louisville's Development) and Louisville businesses.

Artists are being asked to design and paint streetlight pole banners,
incorporating the theme, “150 Years and Still Making Tracks.” The
painted banners will then be displayed on Main Street in Louisville,
May 17th through September 8th.

Interested artists should submit an entry form and design sketch for
approval by March 7, 2008. Artists will be notified of approval and
banners will then be distributed for painting, with the banner
completion deadline set for May 9, 2008. Only one entry per artist
will be allowed, with only twenty-three total banners available for
the display.

An auction is also being planned for the banners after the display
ends, with BUILD sharing a portion of the proceeds with the artists.
Details about the auction, including a date, will be made available at
a later time.

An entry form and complete rules for the event can be obtained on-line
at www.louisvillenebraska.com. For more information, contact Terri
Scholting, BUILD President, at 402-234-2504.


Louisville Volunteer Fire and Rescue
  Community Dinner Out
at the
  Louisville Fire Station
Friday, February 22nd
 5PM to 8PM
  Suggested Donations 
Adult Single Plate Option $6
Adult All You Can Eat Option $8
Children 6-12 Years $5
Children - under 6 - FREE!
We have a lot of new folks in town, and that means some that have never been to the Fire Department Fish Fry before. Friends, New Neighbors, this is a must attend event! There is no other event, with the possible exception of LHS vs Weeping Water homecoming in Louisville that is as widely attended by all the Community. It is a chance to make sure all your neighbors are surviving the winter, to see and to be seen. And have a Community Meal together. Beyond that,
Two Important Facts: 
1) This is one of our Louisville Volunteers Biggest Annual Fund Raisers - They Buy Everything from Emergency Medical Supplies, to Fire Protective Coats - This ain't the big city, these guys pay for a lot of supplies themselves if funds get short. Your family might benefit from more than the coleslaw, so be a big tipper if you like the fish!
2) Best Fish Anywhere! - Year after Year our Volunteers have figured out how to make their fish, better, fresher, crispier, flakier - just fabulous! with all the sides to make a complete meal. It is worth the money to just get a plate of coleslaw it is so tasty. 
So do your tummy a favor, do the Community a favor and show our Brave Volunteers that we appreciate all the hours they contribute, and the risks they take for us. 
5PM Friday - Firebarn - Be There or Be Square!
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Movers and Shakers
New Newsletter Feature - 3 Minute Monthy Interview
Third Wednesday of Each Month a Different Business Leader
February 20, 2008
 Jeanne Anderson
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 Posted by Tammy Pruitt on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - 10:22 am:
James R. Sleeter formerly of Louisville NE. passed away February 8th,
2008 at the age of 70. He is survived by one son Dennis M. Sleeter of
Arizona and two daughters Tammy Pruitt of Arizona and Diana Schuman of
Nebraska. He was preceded in death by his parents John and Ethel
Sleeter and one son Gerald Sleeter. There were no funeral or memorial
services held. Cremation was done by the Wyuka Cemetery and Funeral
Home in Lincoln, Ne.
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From the Editor
Double Duty
Be Careful What You Wish For


..it has been 2 years now..
I miss Hank...
My promotion to Editor of the Louisville Community Newsletter came rather suddenly 2 years ago.
As most of you know, my boss "Hank" was the best known Cat in town. He was as much a universal Louisville experience as the Trained Weazles we hear at night. Hank used to sleep on a shelf to the left of the register above his beloved Paint Shaker at Louisville's Stander Hardware Store.
Hank was Purr-fect for the job 'cause he saw everything! Day after Day he watched everyone and everthing that happened in town. He would pretend to snooze (a lot ) and he would be listening in to all the local chatter. He was one cool cat! One day, Hank passed on to that Big Paint-Shaker in the Sky, and I have been writing the goofy Newsletter ever since.
Like most Assistant Editors, I never really gave much thought to the job my boss did. Mainly I cleaned all the fur out of the typewriter. I imagined how someday, it could be me! It appears now, that this gonna be a permanent assignment, onacounta Hank is not coming back and the muck-e-ty-mucks are not going to send any help any time soon. I am just gonna have to think of ways to make the Newsletter more interesting.
This week we are introducing a new segment that involves 3 minute interviews with Louisville most interesting people.
This segment is called "Movers and Shakers"
(partially inspired by the Old Paint Shaker Hank loved so much)
and it will be published the 3rd Wednesday of Each Month
Movers and Shakers will feature short interviews with Local Business Leaders. There will also be a segment called  Louisville MVP and it will feature 3 Minute Interviews with Community Leaders and Volunteers. 
The goal is to provide us all better insight into some of our Communities most interesting people, and shine a light on the folks that do so much to make
Louisville "The Better Life!"  

Having Fun and Dreaming of Coleslaw South of the River
Computer John
mailto:ComputerJohn@LouisvilleN ebraska.Com
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