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Bill Shumaker won the 145 pound District C-1 Championship earning his Second Trip to the  Nebraska State Wrestling Championships at the QWest Center
 Bill Shumaker (gold) pinned Tanner Dey of Centennial to win the 145 pound championship at the C-1 District Tournament. Shumaker will take a 16-3 record into the State Tourney.
Dallas Lemmers defeated Collin Lindley of Neumann, 10-1, to guarantee a ticket to the state tournament. Lemmers (30-7) will be participating in his third state tourney.
Taylor Mohler (31) brushes aside Whitney Wilson's attempt for a steal
FYI: Summer Baseball/Softball Sign-Up (2-3-09)
The Louisville Ball Parents Association will hold softball and baseball registration on Saturday, February 28 during the Cass County Little League Basketball Games. More information will be available next week. Please visit the website www.eteamz.com/LouisvilleNE for updated information.
All Lions Photos Compliments of Mike Krambeck,
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Pedro Arias is turning 50!! Friday, February 20th
 Bulletin Submitted by Dee Arias
2009 - First Ever - Louisville
L.O.V. Award Nominees Announced

B.U.I.L.D. is pleased to announce that the following individuals have been nominated to receive one of the first annual L.O.V. Awards.

Louisville Outstanding Volunteer Nominees

Andy Jackman

Carol Alley

Karrie Wockenfuss

Dee Arias

Stephanie Wolcott

Marian Johnson

Louisville Fire and Rescue

Dan Henry

Jean Heim

Patsy Sawyer

Nancy McManis

Lori Pankonin

Teri Scholting

Mike Krambeck

Mandi Chub

 We will be honoring the winners at a dinner on Friday February 27th at 7:00 at the Senior Center.  Main Street Café will be providing dinner.

We invite everyone to come and see who wins!!  Especially friends and family.  All of the nominees are very deserving of recognition. 

We will be selling tickets to the dinner at the Main Street Café and at the City offices.  They will be price at $10.00/person or $17.00/couple.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, February 19th

Alltel.Net to be turned Off 7/17/09
Several folks have asked about a flyer sent by Windstream announcing the end of the @Alltel.net  email addresses. That includes your ancient @Navix.net, and @LincolnTel.net email adresses - there are still some of those floating around. Certainly you can just switch to the @Windstream.net variant, but you may want to take this opportunity to get a GMail account. It is Free, portable, really fights spam, and has about a dozen ways to make your life easier.
You just Click Here and grab an Account with a cool name.
If you need a little help, send me a note at WireBuilt@Gmail.com 
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Job Requirements: Current Lifeguard Certification
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Must be 16, possess valid driver’s license and be able to operate
equipment for lawn care and/or ball field prep.

Salaries based on qualifications

For Additional information or to obtain an application, contact
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Application Deadline: March 1, 2009


Customer Service Advisor

Copple Chevrolet - GMC, Inc., a leader in providing customers with an exceptional automotive sales and service experience has an outstanding opportunity for a customer service advisor.  Must be self motivated with exceptional communication skills.
Primary duties would include:
Maintaining exceptional CSI ratings.
Meeting and greeting service customers.
Writing service repair orders.
Customer follow up.
Recommending routine service maintenance.
Estimating service repair costs.
Dispatching service jobs to technicians.
Be a team leader.

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From the Editor
A Fish Fry - Oh My!!
Lent Begins Next Wednesday

You knew it was coming...

Lent is really a very fortunate season,  it is all about preparation and attitude and discipline. We have been feasting and watching football

Time to Pay the Piper

This is how it all evens out. Even given all the recent nonsense, America is still the land of abundance, and opportunity. Most of us have never had to go without anything for longer than a couple hours.We are Americans! We have Credit Cards! We have relaxed fit pants, That is why, most of us look like we have never missed a meal.

Few of us today have the discipline, the steel, the will to sacrifice and change our world, like Dee and Maureen did.

Ok, well for myself - there has to be something more, something really unavoidable like a prison sentence, before I am going to deny myself anything. It seems Un-American to not have that third helping of Mashed Potatoes and a Snickers Bar.

Lent gives us a reason to do without.To abstain. To deny that urge. To Soldier-Up for 40 Days.

It is more than just shedding a couple pounds, avoiding diabetes, amputation, and such. It is proof that we really are in control, and we can say no to Key Lime pie for 40 days in a row! (shudder!!)

Ok, first you gotta make a list

get everybody in the family to agree, post it on the fridge, 10 items that you are giving up for lent . I am not talking Brussel Sprouts, I am talking stuff you really like, stuff you look forward to, your very favorite stuff - write them all down.

It does not work to try this alone, you are gonna be sneaking off with a Bratwurst and a box of Milk Duds in a week, and then you are REALLY going to be depressed. (You Slacker!)

So, take a deep breath, tape the list on the Fridge

Go Nuts till Mardi Gras!!

then on Feb 25th, Suck it Up and do the 40 Days

Remember, you can pig out again on Easter!


One Book, One Nebraska

by special Proclamation of the Lt. Governor


Well they dutifully proclaimed the proclamation, we now have one book in 2009 that is a must read for every true blue (red?) Nebraskan. 


Representatives from all supporting organizations pose with Lt. Governor Sheehey & Senator Pankonin

  I know my duty, and if they say read it, then I will read it.

I am stunned, it has been at least 25 years since I have sat down and read a book! 

Now, I remember why; You absolutely can not do anything else, at the same time. If you are reading, that is all you are doing. It is a very singular process, but at the same time - kinda pleasant, and relaxing!

My Book Review: She is a very talented Author, but it is a sorta  Chick Book in that it is really written from that vantage point. But, having said that, it really does make you feel connected to those folks, and their Sod Cabins sodhouse.gif

The tremendous feeling of pride, and grand adventure -

The new Wilderness and Home, that was Nebraska

Talk about toughing it out!  You guys come from good stock.

  Picture that soddie with a couple feet of blowing snow, wild Indians, rattlesnakes, grasshoppers and nothing on TV

Truly an inspiring book - best I have read in a long while

Having Fun and Buying Tunafish South of the River
Computer John