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Louisville Community Newsletter #775

•••September 2nd, 2020•••

September B.U.I.L.D. Meeting


Click here to read the minutes from this month's meeting.


Louisville offensive line in second quarter

Lions take down DC West at home on Friday night. The final score was 28-13. Click here to read more about the win! Photo courtesty of Brent Hardin via the Plattsmouth Journal.




(Editorial by Patricia Zeigler, Editor, MurrayNebraska.com)


General Election: November 3, 2020

If you have any questions regarding elections, registering to
vote, filing for office, or working as an election worker,
contact the election office at:

201 Main Street
Plattsmouth, NE 68048

Call: (402) 296-9309 or email: linnm@cassne.org

Click HERE for an Election Calendar

2020 08 04 Election Office sign


IMG 6099


IMG 5937


IMG 5939


IMG 5938



She was last seen in just off Hwy 66 near South Bend heading towards the Murdoch area. She's covered over 20 miles in the 3 weeks she's been missing. She's started in Omaha. We had a confirmed sighting in Hwy 66 a little over a week ago.

Frisco Lost


Welcome Back Local Businesses!

Free July Ad (now August) - for the first 10 new advertisers to Claim Their Ad - Email: John@NCWP.org

The decision to extend the Free July Ad - through August 2020 has Been well received. Lot's of Questions.
To be clear, the Very Popular Weekly Wednesday Community Newsletters for both Springfield and Louisville are taking a little longer today, waiting on Ads from several of you. To help, please reply to this email, and attach a screenshot of your ad - include "Free July Ad" in the subject so it will not be misplaced. There is a genuine resurgence of Cass area small business, be proud! With everything working against you, you have the bravery and stamina to persevere. There was a time that determination was universally respected, well, I can say you have my respect. John Harrington TEXT/VM 402-968-0821
Let's see if we can get your message to the right folks. Please reply and attach your Ad and send as soon as possible today!

Starting 7/1/2020

2020ad 2

Like any business, we regularly analyze and improve the quality of our products. As such, we recognized once again that the very best ROI. Return on Investment of any Advertising Product we provide is the CSS The Community Sustaining Sponsor. However, it is not for everyone. It covers 16 Communities, and it is a $468 Annual Commitment. There is also a limited number of CSS slots, available each year. We also noticed that less expensive ads including both Springfield and Louisville are also very successful. For July, we are introducing a brand new ad for new advertisers that Includes both Louisville and Springfield. It is called the 2020 Ad In order to support all local businesses that straddle to Platte River, we would like to offer a Free 2020 Ad for the month of July 2020 for the first 10 Businesses to send an email to: John@NCWP.org 


GP Sarpy 091920

Sarpy Co auction inventory >>





211 Main St.,  Louisville, NE 68037

Are you anxious to get back to some good ol' country music!  We sure are!

We know you want to be safe and others do. too.  Not only yourself, but also for others, please be aware that social-distancing and wearing of masks will be MANDATORY in our small theater for the time-being.  Thank you for understanding.

$4 SHOW admission for all ages over 13.

FREE admittance for all under 13!


Sunday, September 6, Frank Bigelow and Friends, 2 pm 

Sunday, September 13, JAM SESSION, 1 pm

Sunday, September 20, Plum Tuckered Band, 2 pm

Located at 211 Main St., Louisville, NE. For more information, call 800-480-8797, ext. 211 or email us at cornhuskercountrymusic@gmail.com


Email editor@louisvillenebraska.com with information about your business to be added below


The New Market Grocery Experience in Louisville - Now Open 

This is some serious bravery, to launch a new Rural Grocery Store in the Midst of a Pandemic - Our Kudos's support and best wishes to Lindy and DJ

The Market - open

call 402-234-1061 for cubside pickup


B's Diner and Bakery - Gift Cards, Curbside pickup
127 Main St Louisville NE 68037
Brenda McCaul, Owner
B's diner now has dine in available! Hours are now 10:30-2:30 Monday-Friday serving lunch.
Saturday 8-1:30 serving breakfast and lunch. 
Please call 402-234-2669 for curb side service! 


Gambinos Pizza - drive through open

call 402-234-6100 to order or order online, pick up in drive-through


Subway - open for sandwich pickup

Dining room closed 

Doordash can deliver - order online


We are open!

terri scholting

132 Main St, Louisville, NE 68037
Office: 402.234.2504

We are open. We aren’t shaking hands & we are social distancing but we are here, fully staffed to help with any and all insurance needs!



 Witte Logo trans280px

Witte Physical Therapy  is now offering Teleheath services





Open for Business?

Please add your Business to our List CLICK HERE 

Please add Your Church or Non-Profit CLICK HERE 

A major goal for the CassLocal.com project, was to make small business support as convenient as possible. If you have a small business, you know that job one, is to make your businesses as simple, and convenient as possible to interact with.

The Corona $1200 checks, are starting to arrive this week. We know that some fortunate Nebraskans are not desperate and might consider helping struggling small businesses, Churches and Non-Profit organizations with a donation or better yet buying Gift Cards. We encourage restaurants, bars, basically any small businesses to get a Gift Card account from companies like Square. This is a convenient way for fortunate Nebraskan's to inject life saving cash into the business, in echange for Goods and Services later when the storm passes. None of this is possible, unless you add your business or Organization to www.CassLocal.com free. Any questions? TEXT VM/402-968-0821


Louisville Care Center is restricting all visitors


We are NOT allowing visitors at this time. We deeply care about the safety of our residents and staff.
Please, use other methods of communication to connect with your loved ones.

Thank you!

Call #402-234-2125 for questions, concerns or emergencies


Louisville Community Poster - Download (Click Here)

(download and post this Poster, Text a Picture of it to 402-968-0821 - get $1 via PayPal - limit 1)


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Area News


              WE’RE HIRING!!!

Now accepting applications for PT & FT Cook Position.

We are looking for motivated, dependable individual(s) to join our team at CCI Bar & Grill!

Flexible Schedule/Some Friday & Saturday Nights Required/No Sundays

Past experience a plus, but willing to train the right candidate(s).

Must be 16 or older.

Part-Time: $13-$15/hr, Full-Time: $15-$17/hr, dependent on experience & trainability.

Apply in person today!

CCI Bar & Grill 104 E B Street Cedar Creek, NE 68016

Any questions can be sent to ccibarandgrill@gmail.com.




Updates from the Legislature merged

Senator Rob Clements Column  8-21-2020

In January, 493 bills were introduced and others carried over from 2019.  Over 200 bills were passed by the Legislature and the Governor signed all but eight that were vetoed.  My previous article covered property tax relief, an abortion ban, and a military pension exemption.  Here is a review some other new laws, and information about an interim study coming this fall.

LB 992 - Broadband Internet Service Act - incorporates the recommendations of the Nebraska Rural Broadband Task Force to improve rural internet service.  It allows for internet wiring, among other things, to run along existing utility easements and is an important development for rural Nebraska.

LB 1064 – Tobacco Age - raises the age to 21 for the legal use of tobacco products and electronic vaping of nicotine.  It provides for penalties to those providing products to those under age and brings Nebraska into compliance with recent Federal law changes.

LB 1021 – “Micro TIF” bill - provides for simplified Tax Increment Financing (TIF) redevelopment in counties of less than 100,000 people (Cass and Otoe, not Sarpy).  It gives incentives for projects to rehabilitate individual run down properties in substandard and blighted areas.  It allows the repair or replacement of an “eyesore” structure at least 60 years old, a house up to $250,000, and a multi-family or commercial building under $1 million, when finished.

LB 781 – Treasurer training - requires continuing education for city and county treasurers and clerks who act as treasurer.  The state auditor has discovered several cases of errors and dishonesty by treasurers, including some in my District.  This bill is designed to reduce the number of these cases.

LR 415 – Inheritance Tax. - This fall, Legislative committees will hold hearings regarding a wide variety of issues.  I introduced LR 415 to ask the Revenue Committee to examine Nebraska’s inheritance tax and whether it should be changed or eliminated. 

Taking up to 18% of an estate seems quite high.  Over the years I have seen how inheritance taxes can be punitive to families while not providing predictable revenue for counties.  Only a few states levy this tax.  We can do better than to complicate and, in some cases, create additional pain and suffering for families grieving the loss of a loved one.  Any thoughts regarding this study are welcomed and appreciated.  A hearing date has not yet been set.

Feel free to contact me or my staff for assistance, information, or questions on issues.

You may reach me at: Senator Robert Clements, State Capitol Rm 812, Lincoln, NE 68509,                     Phone 402­471­2613, Email: rclements@leg.ne.gov.


Food bank 2020


2020 08 19 ECPCD Meetings 1


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