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Louisville Wednesday Newsletter

November 10,   2 0 1 0





On Veterans Day


The story of the Declaration of Independence is one of

the most cherished and significant chapters in the history of America.  

The document is a remarkable statement of revolutionary ideas

and ideals that had never been featured on so prominent a stage.  

We learned as schoolchildren the courage and character required of the signers of that document:  

they mutually pledged their sacred honor and their lives to its ideals.

Those few dozen men rightly occupy a place in our pantheon of heroes.


Somewhere in this great land today, young men and women are signing up to serve in the armed forces.

 These men and women are only the latest among millions of Americans through the centuries

who have pledged their sacred honor and their lives to the defense of their country.  

This pledge, an echo and a reminder of the signing of the Declaration of Independence,

was made before them by the veterans of the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, World War II,

and every other era of war and peace since the founding of the country.


Those veterans, whether career military or citizen-soldiers who served and then returned to civilian life,

faced the ultimate sacrifice.  

On Veterans Day we remember and honor all who have served.  

Each one of them made the pledge;  some were called to honor it with their lives,

others paid with pain and injuries, many came safely through.  

All were changed by the experience.

America recognizes its veterans on this day.  

A quiet moment of reflection is appropriate—

but each of us should break that silence by speaking our thanks to the veterans we know,

for their service and sacrifice.



Written by:

Mark Leibman

Written in memory of Paul Leibman






Louisville Public Schools will be hosting a Veteran's Day Ceremony

on November 11 at 10 A.M. in the high school gymnasium.  

The ceremony, honoring all past and present veterans has been

prepared by Louisville High School students.

This event is open to the public and will feature

Retired Major General Mark Musick as guest speaker.  


Please join us as we honor our veterans








to the community...


The Louisville Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) would like to thank everyone in the community who made the PTO Carnival a huge success.   It was great to see so many in the community to come out to support our school. The carnival helps pay for educational field trips and improvements to the school.  In addition to supportive parents, we we also received generous contributions from local businesses such as; Leibman Financial Service, R.R. Berner Real Estate, Newstyle Medical Supplier, Derby’ Heating & Air, Inc., Farmer’s Bank of Cook, No Frills Supermarkets, Hy-Vee, AMC 24, Pankonin’s Inc., Main Street Cafe, Indulgence Salon Inc., Home State Bank, Jack & Jill’s Grocery, C-Anna Cakes, Copple and Barnes Photography.  


Thanks again for all the support and looking forward to the PTO Carnival in 2012.










The Louisville Public Library is offering story time for our younger patrons. If you have children through preschool age that
would be interested in listening to a story, please come to the library on Monday afternoons at 2pm!!!  While your youngster is listening to a story, feel free to browse our vast collection of books, movies and magazines! We also have several computers
available and a sitting room to relax! Come visit us soon!
Lisa Sheehan
Secretary, Louisville Public Library Board












Dear Louisvillians,
     It's Veteran's Day on Thursday, as you know.  I don't think that I could top Mark Leibman's wonderful words above; he really did an outstanding job of conveying a strong message about our veterans and the job that they do for us to ensure our freedoms.  What a wonderful country that we live in!  I encourage you to thank a service person today for the job that they do, the sacrifices they make and the rights that they defend for all of us.  Feel grateful to all of the veterans who have served our country and given their time, talents and sometimes their own lives in order to ensure our safety. Additionally, there will be a program on Thursday at the high school (see the information above) for all community members to attend.  Consider going and listening to the students and the guest speaker. 
    Happy Veteran's Day to all of the veterans in our community.  Thank you for a job well done. 
    Have a wonderful week, Louisvillians!


Have a wonderful week, Louisvillians!

Your Louisville Newsletter Editor,


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