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Louisville Schools will be holding two Open Houses for anyone that is interested in the Bond Proposal that will be voted on in September.  Administration and Staff will be available to answer questions and give tours of the school.  Dates for the Open Houses are Wednesday August 12th from 6-8 P.M. and Sunday August 16th from   2-4 P.M.  Please enter at the South high school gym or the main high school entrance and proceed to the commons/cafeteria area.
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A Note From Nancy Josoff

Dear John,

I received this news announcement from the Secretary of State.  (below) I’m thinking with the Louisville School Bond election this may be a very good piece of news you may want to place in your news letter.  Maybe it will help folks understand why we are having an All-Mail Election for the school.

  Ballots will me Mailed 8/26/09

Nancy Josoff
Cass County Election Commissioner
145 N 4th St Rm201
Plattsmouth, NE 68048

Fax: 402-296-9509
Excellence is the result of dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.
Nebraska Secretary of State

(402) 471-2554

News Release
Aug. 7, 2009  

Contact: Neal Erickson  
(402) 471-4127, neal.erickson@sos.ne.gov

All-mail special elections gain favor in Nebraska

LINCOLN – Holding elections in Nebraska doesn’t necessarily mean going to polling places to vote.

Local special elections conducted exclusively by mail are becoming more common in Nebraska, especially in political subdivisions with smaller populations, according to Secretary of State John Gale.

Gale is a strong proponent of all-mail voting in special elections. “This method is consistently producing heightened interest by the electorate regarding pocketbook issues with an increased voter turnout as a result,” he said.
All-mail special elections can only be used in non-candidate situations such as a bond issue, tax levy override or sales tax issue. Special elections involving an office vacancy or a recall of an official must use polling places.
Of 20 non-candidate special elections held in Nebraska in 2008, seven used the all-mail method, Gale said.
The seven all-mail elections had turnouts ranging from 43 to 87 percent of registered voters, with an average turnout of 64 percent.

The 13 special elections using polling places had turnouts ranging from 19 to 44 percent of registered voters, with an average turnout of 31 percent.
“The best news with the all-mail elections is that a greater number of voters have a say on the matter,” Gale said. “Such participation is certainly healthier for our democracy.”  

All-mail special elections are continuing to see good use in 2009, according to Gale. For the first six months of the year, there have been 15 non-candidate special elections held in Nebraska, with nine using the all-mail method.

Besides producing higher turnouts, the all-mail elections have the advantages of avoiding weather problems, being convenient for voters and avoiding the cost of using polling places, Gale said.

The Legislature in 1996 authorized all-mail special elections in non-candidate situations.
In 2005, the Legislature passed a law that authorized county election officials to designate whether a non-candidate special election would be held exclusively by mail or through the use of polling places. Previously, that decision was determined by the political subdivision calling the election. Gale strongly supported the 2005 legislation.  

“As a result of the 2005 law, our county election officials are increasingly using the all-mail method,” Gale said. “It is proving to be an effective alternative.”


(sample ballot)






              Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, the 15th day of September, 2009 in Cass County School District 0032 (Louisville Public Schools), a special election will be held.  Said election will be held for the registered voters of Cass and Sarpy Counties who reside within the Louisville Public School District who will approve or reject the following proposition:


              "Shall Cass County School District 0032 (Louisville Public Schools), in the State of Nebraska, issue the bonds of said District in the principal amount of not to exceed SEVEN MILLION SIX HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($7,650,000) for the purpose of renovating and remodeling the existing K-12 facility, constructing an addition or additions adjacent to the existing K-12 facility, land acquisition and site improvements, including parking as well as football field, track and playground area improvements and providing for the necessary furniture, equipment and apparatus for such school building, additions and improvements, said bonds to bear interest at a rate or rates to be determined by the Board of Education and to become due at such time or times as may be fixed by the Board of Education; and


              "Shall the District cause to be levied and collected annually a special levy of taxes against all the taxable property in said District sufficient in rate and amount to pay the interest and principal of said bonds as the same become due?"



                                                        FOR          said bonds and tax


                                                        AGAINST    said bonds and tax


              Electors voting in favor of the proposition shall blacken completely the oval opposite the words “FOR said bonds and tax” following said proposition, and electors voting against said proposition shall blacken completely the oval opposite the words “AGAINST said bonds and tax” following said proposition.


By-Mail Election


This election will be an election by mail.  All registered voters residing within the Louisville Public School District will be mailed a ballot on the same day. Ballots will be mailed by the Cass County Election Commissioner between August 26 and September 4,  2009.


Voter Registration deadlines


The deadline to register to vote at an agency, with a deputy registrar, or by mail is August 28, 2009.  The deadline for in-person registration at the Cass County Election Commissioner’s office is September 4, 2009 until 6:00 p.m.


Early Voting Deadlines


Ballots shall be available for Early Voting no later than August 31, 2009, and until the day ballots are mailed out to the voters. Applications for an early voting ballot by mail are located on the Cass County Election Commissioner’s website, http://www.cassne.org/electcomm.html.


Replacement Ballot


The Cass County Election Commissioner will provide replacement ballots to voters who sign a statement and verify by oath that his/her mailed ballot was destroyed, spoiled, lost, or not received. The deadline for the replacement request by mail is September 4, 2009, at 5:00 p.m.  The deadline for the replacement request if submitted in person is September 15, 2009, 12:00 p.m.


Ballot Return Deadline


Voted ballots must be returned to the Cass County Election Commissioner no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15, 2009.  Ballots may be mailed or delivered to the Cass County Election Commissioner.  For you convenience, a ballot drop box will be provided in the office of the Louisville City Clerk until 4:00 p.m. on Election Day..


Cass County Election Commissioner Information


Address:  145 No. 4th Street, Room 201


Location:  Plattsmouth NE  68048-1964


Phone:  (402) 296-9309


Fax:  (402) 296-9509



E-Mail:  election@cassne.org


Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays                                          
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  The Committee is excited to get this information out and more information/flyers will be coming to you in the following weeks.
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Vote Yes for the Children!!! 
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From the Editor
Getting Ready to Turn Red
Thinking about Stomping Some Owls

  I experienced a wave of peace and unexplained happiness

A sudden sense of Well Being poured over me, and I was left with this really stupid smile on my face -

..what could it be?

Did I Croak? .... NO!

We in Nebraska have all passed over in to the magic 30 day window, and once again football season is returning to our land.

You know, It really is the simple things that you come to appreciate, the blocked kick, the blitz that work, that demoralizing interception.

That paniced wide-eyed expression you get right before the QB gets a mouth full of sod.



And guess what, we are back on the radar!!

Click here

Rated 21, but hey that is a long way from not being rated or taken seriously at all. Coach (he that shall not be named, we don't speak his name) left us in such a mess. 21 looks mighty good to me. And wait till we blast Mizzou, that 21 could get a whole lot smaller, pretty quick.

and this year, we get Oklahoma coming

to Lincoln for a little pay back. 

Sooners... - Sweet!!

last 4 games of the year, are gonna be great!

Check It  Out www.HuskerPedia.com

Ok, then. lets get Back To Work!

No More Goofing Off..

We still have a Month to Go!

Having Fun and Wearing my Game Face South of the River
Computer John