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A Perfect  Weekend
  Louisville Sparkled - Hosted Thousands
Saturday Afternoon 7/25
Poker Run had more than 300 Registrants 
Saturday Evening 7/25
  Benefit Concert featured Top Security Staff
(is that Jake and Ellwood?)
5 Bands Played for Huge Enthusiastic Crowds 
Photographs Thanks to Colleen Smart 
Saturday night's benefit concert was well received by families, teens and generous motorcycle enthusiasts.  Over 600 people were served food until 11:30 p.m.  The five bands were met with applause and great audience participation.  It was an energetic and positive way to remember the Matchus brothers and give strength and well wishes to the other 4 accident victims who continue to recover.  Thanks to the many people who volunteered their time and talents.
Jeanne Anderson
Havenmakers-Deeb Realty


Sunday Afternoon 7/26
Largest Ever  Car Show Turnout
Jitter Brats Cut a Rug on Main Street
Country Kickers had the Crowd Jumpin!

Here are the raffle winners:

Bill Lefler: Digital clock & weather station

Shirley True: Gift Basket from Envy Salon

Bob Scholting: Gazing Ball

Dean Forsyth: $50 Gift Certificate from Taylor Quik Pik

Raffle prizes donated by:

Stander Ace Hardware

Berner Real Estate

Taylor Quik Pik

Envy Salon


Special thanks to Todd, Jamie, Joel and John P. for parking cars. They did a GREAT job with limited space

Dee and Nancy


The success of this our 5th Annual "Last Hot Sunday in July" (our traditional Louisville Summer Event) required  dozens of people, several months and of course cooperation from the Weather. BUILD sponsors this summer event, but the real credit goes of course to the Events Committee and the Dynamic Duo of:

Dee Arias and Nancy McManis

 Saturday August 1 - Louisville Art Gallery
Feature Artist of the Month – August 2009

Ted and Amy Dohmen
Husband/Wife Glass Blowing Team
Meet the Artists Saturday Afternoon
August 1st, Noon – 4

Dear Art Lover,

The final Feature Artists of the Month for the summer are Ted and Amy Dohmen, a husband/wife glass blowing duo. They have created over 30 new pieces for this exhibition that commands most of the main floor of the Gallery. An informal meet and greet will be held this coming Saturday, August 1st, from noon until 4. I hope you can stop in and say hello.

With over 25 years of combined glass blowing experience between them, Ted and Amy have a unique ability to create beautiful glass artwork that captures the eye and spirit of anyone who sees it. The couple has been working together since they met at Hastings College in 1997. Their relationship has grown from assisting each other in a college glass studio to watching their dream come true by owning and running their own successful studio.

In 1993, Ted Dohmen was introduced to the art of hand blown glass at Anoka Ramsey Community College in Minnesota. This experience changed his life and shaped his future. Ted moved out to Hasting College to study Glass Blowing under Tom Kreager and he earned his Bachelor of Studio Arts. Ted also met his future wife Amy at Hastings College. Ted has worked with a number of professional artists in various glass studios around the Midwest.

Amy Dohmen started her glass blowing career in 1997 at Hasting College where she earned her Bachelor of Studio Arts. Drawn to the excitement and team work of blowing glass, Amy was hooked immediately. While working for Fiber Artist Sheila Hicks in Paris, France, Amy worked for various glass artists to continue to hone her skills and knowledge of blown glass.

Amy and Ted are a team in all aspects of their lives. They work together instinctively in the glass studio. Each piece of art they create is a collaboration of their love and knowledge of glass.

There is also a lot of great, recent and new work throughout the Gallery from many other local artists including the first two features of the summer, Gerard Pefung and John Miller. Alan Vap will be showing in the Gallery for the first time (after nearly 3 years of courting) and hopefully we will be seeing more of his work throughout the coming months.

September sees the return of the evening receptions with a very rare Friday night opening on September 18. The feature artists are Melissa Husby, Debra Groesser and Robert Quinn. In October, there will be a jewelry and accessories show that will also be a benefit for the career Closet and then on Sunday afternoon, October 18th, music returns to the Gallery with the Fall Singer Songwriter Sunday.

I hope everyone has been having a great summer and I look forward to seeing you in the Gallery very soon. If you need to contact me with questions or other comment, do not hit reply, but email me directly at louisvilleartgallery@gmail.com or call the Gallery at 402-234-2867

Thanks for all of your support


plan for some Indulgence on 8/7 or 8/8


Fundraiser For





    On June 20, 2009, Margo Marino was in an accident in South Bend, Nebraska. She has undergone surgery and was in the Adult ICU for more than 10 days. Once she is released from the hospital she will be in rehab center for several months. That is why Indulgence Salon has decided to give 100% of our profits on Friday August 7th and Saturday August 8th to Margo!! We hope that you can help us support Margo with her long recovery. She is a very bright girl with a positive attitude, and we know that she would appreciate your generosity!! We understand that not all of you come to our salon, so we have decided to also put a donation jar in the salon from now until August 8th!! Thank you all for your compassion and generosity during this difficult time. It truly is a blessing!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at



Jaime Kiss & Kelli Percifield

Come & Join us for UNION DAZE on July 31st to August 2nd @ the Union Ball Field.  There will be a Food & Beer Garden.
 On Sat. Aug 1st scheduled events include:
Car show
Kickball, beer Frisbee & children’s games
LIVE!! Johnny on the Spot
On Sunday Aug 2nd:
          Pie & hotdog eating contest
          Pie contest (donate your pies to be judged by 10 a.m. Sunday)
paid advertisement
paid for by Citizens for a Better Bond
 paid advertisement
Get the Facts on the Upcoming Louisville School District Bond  
The Louisville School Bond Committee has put together many details/meetings/events/maps/flyers to help all School District members fully understand the facts of the upcoming Bond Vote.
  The Committee is excited to get this information out and more information/flyers will be coming to you in the following weeks.
See our site now at:
Vote Yes for the Children!!! 
paid for by friends of the Louisville School Bond Committee 


Benefit Meat Shoot 

Mikie & Kyle Matchus Louisville Rod & Gun Club
August 2nd, 2009
Start at 12 Noon till ??

All Proceeds will go to the Matchus Family

 Barry Parson 402-670-3566 Phil Stroy 402-297-3861

Famous Louisville Art Chicks -  For Sale
Louisville's Got Hardware
If Hank Could See us Now!!

Do the Manley Thing!

Go look in your Garage for Auction Items to Donate


AUCTION ITEMS NEEDED - The Village of Manley is asking for donations of any clean, working or fixable items to be auctioned. Proceeds will be applied toward the development of the Manley Community Building (Manley School) which is available for anyone for parties or meetings, etc.  Monetary donations also accepted. For more information and free pick up, call Betty Meyer 402-234-5232.

 Louisville Business
Featured in Wikipedia
Louisvile Based
StandByVideo, Inc
Becomes part of the Definition of  Public Videoconference Rooms
in the newly created Wikipedia article


Count Down to The Fair

Just 1 Week 'Till the Fair!!!

Visit the New Cass County Fair Website

2009 FairBook is NOW Available for Download


 You Can Now Follow the Fair on Twitter

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Louisville Care Community
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  Summer Classes  402-525-3906
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Week of 7/27/09 Jobs Offered


Child Care Help Wanted

Looking for a responsible person 

(must be 18 or older)

to watch our two girls age 7 and 8

and two boys age 5 and 6

in our home.

Monday thru Friday

4:00 PM to 5:30ish PM after school

and from 1:00 PM to 5:30'ish PM

on non-school days.


$20 a day after school and

$45 a day the other times


Please call Stacy

234-3465 or 949-0098


This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Help Wanted at the Parks
  Call and tell them  you saw their "help wanted" ad, on the Louisville Website

Platte River State Park

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Mahoney State Park

click here for todays request for help

Shadow Lake Towne Center
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From the Editor
Computer John is on Vacation this Week - so Instead we present: (reprint from 7/9/08)
The Further Adventures of. .
DEET MAN - Louisville Superhero

  When Duty Calls mild mannered Deet Marinade, handsome  teenage lead guitar player for the popular Cherry Street garage band "Deet Marinade and the Chiggers" dons his familiar bug mask Green Cape and tights to become..
Deet Man
  When last we heard from Deet and the band, they were searching out Mushrooms down along the creek bed. Brown paper sack in hand; the shrooming troup scoured the landscape for the ellusive Louisville treat .
"Boys, we gotta find them Morrells!" Says Deet, "it is gonna be a great year for 'em, it has been wet for weeks. We can sell our shrooms on Ebay , and buy a fuzz box !" Deet explains: "We have very little time left to prepare for the talent show at the King Korn Karnival . If we win there, we will be famous! We will be able to contribute to the Louisville Gross Domestic Product as Super Stars with a record contract!" Deet mumbles to himself; "I just gotta learn that Monkees tune "Valleri " I know that it is sure to get us the first prize!" "Without a fuzz box, I can't play that guitar lick at the end of the tune , so keep looking!"
Little did they know that their every move was being watched as they slowly made it through the brush.The Tick arch enemy of Deet Man was getting ready to pounce!
"It's a Tick!!!"
  shouts little Jimmy Stohlman,
keyboards and tamborine player for the band and the smallest of the Chiggers kind of an emotionally shallow pest... Hickory (Sticks) Chriswisser the drummer, and Lance Heard the bass player look out for him.
"There he is! he's over there!!"
Quick as a Jiffy, mild mannered Deet Marinade disappears behind a Cotton Wood Tree.
"Fear Not young Jim, for we have DEET!"
  As if from a cloud of "Off"  the green caped crusader appears just in the nick of time and the stinken Tick is smoted.
"Thank you Deet Man!" says Jimmy, "You have saved us from that crummy Tick!"
"Your Welcome Jimmy", and always remember:
With enough DEET, you can do anything out here."
The Morrell of the story: 
Don't spend your life hoping for a Fuzz Box !
Don't even try learning that Monkees Tune: Valleri
The guitar solo riff at the end is a killer and you are just gonna embarass yourself in front of King Korn royalty.
Learn something easier like:
Having Fun and Rocking Hard South of the River
Computer John