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Louisville Deserves
a little indulgence
and maybe some tanning
The Brand New Indulgence Salon
Opened Monday February 2nd
Following a very succesful open house Saturday, January 31,

Indulgence Salon opened it's doors with the ceremonial BUILD
ribbon cutting Monday Morning, February 2nd 2009
"Indulgence Salon" is located directly across from the Louisville Care Community at 411 West 5th Street in Louisville. They offer all of your hair care needs as well as waxing and tanning.
They offer many professional products such as Rusk, Redken, Kenra.
New Business Owner Jaime Kiss is excited with the great reception and amount of business they have seen even on their first day.
"Our Prom packages, and unlimited tanning packages have been very popular. We feel our location is ideal for our customers. Stop by and visit!"

Jaime Kiss: owner/stylist
Kelli Percifield: stylist

Call 234-2355 for an appointment today!
  Spelling Bee Challenge

So, you think you can spell? Why not match your skills with the finest spellers this side of the Platte River? BUILD is hosting it’s first ever community wide Spelling Bee challenge. Teams of 4 will face off against one another in a tournament format until only one is left standing. The winning team’s reward: They have just “earned” the opportunity to challenge Louisville High School’s finest spellers for all the fame and glory that comes with winning the Spelling Bee Challenge.

Get your team of four together, bring your lucky dictionary, and join us on April 3rd in the Louisville School “Old Gym” for a great community event.

For those who are a little leery of spelling in front of the entire community, don’t fret it. We will be adding a nice little spin on traditional spelling bees by incorporating help from the audience and your team mates. This is all about fun and Community Spirit keeping alive the fun we had with the Louisville Trivia Challenge

Registration is $100 per team, and there are many local businesses just waiting to sponsor your courageous efforts in this fun, nail-biting Community event.

Gather your Spelling Bee Buddies and Register Click HERE

Questions? Call Terri at 234-2504 or just reply to this Newsletter 


All Lions Photos Compliments of Mike Krambeck,
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Nomination Forms have been collected, but the Selection Committee has asked for more Names. In a community so rich with volunteer energy we can nominate many more individuals. Please give it some thought now, and place that good Samaritan you know in Nomination for the first Louisville Outstanding Volunteer award
Send Your L.O.V.
The Dinner Date is Set: Friday February 27th 
You are invited to Nominate a Neighbor
Louisville Outstanding Volunteers 
Click HERE to Nominate
You see them. They are your neighbors. They are out there tending flower gardens at the Care Center, painting the sign for the Church Bake Sale, Sheparding Cub Scouts around for their Food Bank collection, helping you fill out the form before you Give Blood. They are there. They are ALWAYS there.
First Suggested by BUILD Membership Chair Person Ronda Anderson - Volunteers are a critical asset in a small Community, and we will to find a way to say you are loved!
They make it all work, and on the 27th there will be a special dinner (prepared by MORE volunteers) where the first L.O.V. awards will be presented.
Do YOUR part, now before you forget.
Nominate someone now for the first ever L.O.V. Awards
  February and March are Tan-tastic @ Envy Salon
Posted by Jim Beck on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 - 11:09 am:

Check out the great tanning specials going on now
at Envy Salon!!!!
With Prom & Vacation season well on it's way, why not stop in and start working on that radiant tan!! Single tan-$2, ten tans-$10, one month unlimited only $20.
In case you didn't know, Envy Salon also offers something for everyone from massages to manicures to haircuts and colors and of course tanning.
We also have many other gift items,
such as purses, candles, terrific jewelry, and so much more. Stop in today!!! or call 234-2240.
Coming soon, prom and valentine's day specials.
Avoca Celebrates 29th Year of their Legendary Event

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Week of 2/02/09 Jobs Offered


Customer Service Advisor

Copple Chevrolet - GMC, Inc., a leader in providing customers with an exceptional automotive sales and service experience has an outstanding opportunity for a customer service advisor.  Must be self motivated with exceptional communication skills.
Primary duties would include:
Maintaining exceptional CSI ratings.
Meeting and greeting service customers.
Writing service repair orders.
Customer follow up.
Recommending routine service maintenance.
Estimating service repair costs.
Dispatching service jobs to technicians.
Be a team leader.

E-mail resumes to donboukal@copplecars.com donboukal@copplecars.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it donboukal@copplecars.com donboukal@copplecars.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Hey, Life is Better Here!

If you are among the geographically challenged that happen to live somewhere else...

Come and Join Us! Easy as 1, 2, 3..... 4

1) Select a lot in our new Subdivision, 2) drive down and check it out,
3) get a loan eat dinner, then 4) buy some firewood!
you too can experience the Better Life!   

From the Editor
A Little More Change
Goodby to Jamions $5 TV
Vanna, we have a Problem...
As I understand it, after 2 years, and millions of dollars of advertising and public service messages we are in a digital pickle.
Unless, there is a last minute Bail Out or something we are going to experience a wide scale, soap opera shortage 2 weeks from today.
No way around it, that $5 Basement workshop TV that Jamion Biesterfeld sold me at his Garage Sale 6 years ago, is doomed.
He could have warned me, but NO!
Hey, at least they waited till after the Super Bowl
There is still so much confusion about this, and it is not  that hard:
OK Step 1: Look at your Check Book
did you write a check to somebody last month for your TV shows? Cable, or Satellite or whatever? If you did, then nothing is gonna change, except that crummy old TV in the garage with the rabbit ear antenna, and it is doomed.
If you are a cheap piker like me, watchin Free TV and have been twisting around those rabbit ears on your Magnavox Console to get a clearer picture of Vanna White every evening..
Well, you cheap, Free TV dude bad news - 2 weeks from now, Vanna will Vanish - forever. You can twist those rabbit ears every which way, and it is just gonna be snow. Why?, there will be no more TV signal to receive, not here, not in Tampa, not in Butte Montana - - it is over. Everywhere. Get a libary card.
That TV that Jeff had above the Meat Department where you could sneak a peek at the game while you picked out your salami or pickle loaf -  gone.
Ok, here is the good news - there is still free TV, and it is better than the old free TV. They just could not have 2 different kinds of free TV, so the old one had to go.
The name for Free TV Old type - was ANALOG
The name for Free TV New type - is Digital
it used to be that we got our music by dragging a small needle through the dusty grooves on a black plastic Iron Butterfly record that was spinning. That needle wiggled, with the bumps in the plastic groove, that were made when the music was embeded in that plastic groove. the bumps, were formed by the music - they were an analogy of the original music.
Thats why they call it Analog
(now you can explain this like an expert to your wife!
She will be so impressed, she will tell you to go by a 52" Plasma DTV! Sweet!)
Later a nerd used a computer and took all those dusty black bumps, decoded what, where, and whatever to numbers ( ones and zeros ) that were more precise, less dusty, and Digital Music was born. Same nerds, figured out how to broadcast TV in pure digital, and called it Digital TV (DTV)
Now that you have all the correct terminology Click HERE and read about your options.
Analog will go the way of the 8-Track tape, and make way for the time of all things digital. I confess; I already feel nostalgic for our simple world. I have a feeling radio is next, and I am not going to be happy when they take my AM Radio away. Nothing like listening to a ball game on a scratchy little Pocket Radio.
This is 2009. We have the first ever US President that uses Email and carries a Blackberry
When the President visits Louisville next time, he will appreciate our Free WiFi on main Street . So will the Secret Service.
Having Fun and Lookng for Vanna South of the River
Computer John