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The Dinner Date is Set: Friday February 27th 
You are invited to Nominate a Neighbor
Louisville Outstanding Volunteers 
Click HERE to Nominate
You see them. They are your neighbors. They are out there tending flower gardens at the Care Center, painting the sign for the Church Bake Sale, Sheparding Cub Scouts around for their Food Bank collection, helping you fill out the form before you Give Blood. They are there. They are ALWAYS there.
First Suggested by BUILD Membership Chair Person Ronda Anderson - Volunteers are a critical asset in a small Community, and we will to find a way to say you are loved!
They make it all work, and on the 27th there will be a special dinner (prepared by MORE volunteers) where the first L.O.V. awards will be presented.
Do YOUR part, now before you forget.
Nominate someone now for the first ever L.O.V. Awards
Catch the BUZZZ!
Say, I don't mean to bug you, but we need to smoke you bumblers out of your hives
it's time to form that swarm! Plans are being finalized, and the April 3rd Date is now set. Louisville's next Community Event is a huge Spelling BEE that will tie in with School and County Spelling Bees in a fun, exciting competition on April 3rd, 2009
Here is your Task:
You are the Swarm Leader. Create a clever, funny Bee-related name for your swarm (team of 4 spelling Bee contestants) and appoint 3 additional drone bees (team members) and click submit.
As these teams form up, we will answer questions, and get the word out so the event is a Honey of a Louisville Spelling Bee
Questions? Call Terri at 234-2504 or just reply to this Newsletter 

Now Hiring!

Lofte Community Theatre

Part-Time General Manager

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 Senior Logan Roecker puts in an offensive rebound
Freshman Natalie Minchow (33) blocked this shot by Raymond Central's Nicole Heyen during the 49-36 Louisville victory.

All Photos and Stories Compliments of Mike Krambeck, Krambeck Photography
and the Lions Den
Test YOUR Knowledge of Lions Sports Trivia
Sponsored by Mike Krambeck, Krambeck Photography
Wishing You a Happy and Prosperous New Year
If you are now all Fat and Sassy
Or not even all that Sassy...

Josoff Training is holding a 16 week Running Camp

starting on January 5th in Manley at the school building. 

  The end goal will be to run the Lincoln 1/2 or Full Marathon on May 3rd 2009. We will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturday mornings at either 6:30am or 9am. (this is subject to change)

  Our location will change weekly and will depend on the weather. (Manley, Louisville, Murdock, Weeping Water, Elmwood, Springfield, any other locations we can think of to keep things interesting!)

  This camp is for people who have never run before to advanced runners. 

  Ralph Miller, long time running coach and winner of the Lincoln Marathon in 1984 will be coaching us all through the 16 weeks of training.  

  Some strength and flexibility training will be added each week as well as nutrition recommendation.

  We will be running outside in very cold temps, snow and ice (what ever winter will throw at us) please dress in layers with a good base layer.  

  If you would like to register for the full 16 week program the cost will be $160.  Click Here (first week is a free trial)

  Those who complete the full 16 weeks with us will have the $40  race entry fee paid for. 

  This is a great way to get in some extra cardio!

Lose that extra body fat! 

Give yourself a great challenge!

and feel the sense of accomplishment once you rise to the challenge. 

Can you run it?

Sign up Click Here or call Shannon at 669-3242 for more information.



It is January, It is Cold, We all Got Bills to Pay - and a Basement Full of Stuff

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especially if have Ice Skates for sale)

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* Information: just type: Toasts bread and muffins, and pretty much anything, couple of dents, but clean and ready to toast! $500 or best offer! Give me a call, or email me! or whatever you think will get your neighbors interested in your toaster oven.

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Now Hiring!

Lofte Community Theatre

Part-Time General Manager


Part Time – 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day, 5 days per week (Mon.-Fri.), at The Lofte on a set schedule.


Bookkeeping, database upkeep and reporting, assist with ticket orders/processing, special projects as necessary

Required experience/knowledge/skills:

Candidate must have bookkeeping and database administration experience. Knowledge of Quick Books and Microsoft Office – specifically Microsoft Access a plus. Strong written and verbal communication skills and organizational skills, ability to work independently, customer service skills.


Hourly wage based on experience, knowledge and skills. Please provide a salary history and requirements.

To Apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter

w/salary history and requirements by January 17th, to:

The Lofte Community Theatre

Attn: Larry Bauers

PO Box 62

Manley, NE 68403

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Hey, Life is Better Here!

If you are among the geographically challenged that happen to live somewhere else...

Come and Join Us! Easy as 1, 2, 3..... 4

1) Select a lot in our new Subdivision, 2) drive down and check it out,
3) get a loan eat dinner, then 4) buy some firewood!
you too can experience the Better Life!   

From the Editor
..to Bee.. or not to Bee..
Noble Slings and Arrows
I find myself conflicted..
(Oh, NO, Joe, say it isn't SO!)
I am a big fan of BUILD events.
I have had a great time and made some wonderful memories by getting out, and working along side some of the Greats, like Dee and Nancy, and John, Jerod, Todd and Mike.
I am also a devoted fan of Louisville creative talent and initiative. We have such an abundant supply.
As a business person, I am in awe of the Art Chicks phenomena that Melody invented. A 100% Louisville Invention. The pure organic craze that was born in a then relatively unknown Louisville. I definitely don't fit the demographic, but  that does not prevent me from being awe-struck by the brilliance of that idea. Intuition, determination, creativity.
You GO girl!
I am also a fan of Terri Scholtings inspirations, and we all enjoyed the heck out of the 150 Year Trivia Challenge . John Plucknett discovered the fact that we had a major Birthday coming up, and Terri devised an Event to Make it Memorable, Dee and Nancy and Paul and the whole bunch pulled it together into a very memorable event.
Terri has cooked up a brand new  event, coordinated it with the LHS folks and it is going to be every bit as exciting and memorable as the Trivia Contest!
here is my conflict: I Can't Spell!
I have been meaning to learn but something always comes up.
I get along fine by Googling a word, and getting the proper spelling, but I am not sure that our free Louisville WiFi extends out to the LHS Gym, and even if it does, somebody might find fault with me Googling words in a spelling Bee!
This is going to be a little different BEE-ing part of a team of 4, maybe they will not ask me to spell anything. Even so, it sounds like a bunch of fun. There will be costumes, and Bee Face paint, and funny team names, and the usual cast of Louisville characters acting up.
It will probably not BEE the first time I looked silly.
nobody will notice me in my yellow and black jump suit
OK Terri, I will BEE there!
A New One On Me
GEO Caching
(this is why you should make the Monthly BUILD Meeting)
 Yesterday's BUILD Meeting Featured a Wonderful Presentation from Pat Joyner -
Marketing Louisville, and BUILD Events
Lots of great ideas and research was provided by Pat's students at Wesleyan University
At the end we were just talking about novel ideas, and Pat mentioned Geocaching as something that her college students were aware of. Mike Krambeck knew about it, and several other BUILD members as well. Beats Me!
Turns out, it is kind of a sport that ties into the overall Eco-tourism topic that the State of Nebraska is trying to promote. Basically it is an ongoing treasure hunt, with som 700,000 ative treasure locations across the globe - coordinated through the internet.
 It provides an interesting and inexpensive opportunity to couple events with this geo caching treasure hunting and draw people to a location, especially interesting rural locations.
So, given all the creativity around here - don't be surprised if you hear that BUILD is hosting a high tech Treasure Hunt this Spring.
Having Fun and Googling Words South of the River
Computer John