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Agreement has been reached, and contracts signed - Louisville to sell surplus water to our neighbors in Otoe County Rural Water - Signed November 13
Larry & Maureen's ACE Hardware
A wave of remodeling, growth and expansion marks Louisville's Thanksgiving 2008
Remodeling and expanding one of Louisville's best loved Main Street businesses and ICONS. Ace Hardware is targeted for completion first week of April 2009 
   Fondly remembered by many as the original home of our dear late Hank the Hardware Cat ; (original Editor of this Community Newsletter) the Best Little Hardware Store in Cass County is expanding from 2500 to 4500 square feet in order to display a broader assortment of Hardware, and new General Merchandise.

Louisville Wellness: Contagious!
Linda Gaebel is credited with creating a program to support health, wellness and fitness for the employees of Home State Bank with the guidance of Bank President and healthy person John Plucknett.
One of the suporters of this Louisville Wellness Initiative will be Shannon Josoff of Josoff Training LLC
  Josoff Training is also planning a fitness boot camp in Manley

Jazzercise on Main Street
To further enhance the healthy atmosphere that is growing in Louisville; Jeanne Anderson announced that SW Jazzercise will be upstairs in the Havenmakers Building and the renovations are underway today!
 Havenmakers - Upstairs
Jeanne writes: "I have had several people tell me they are excited about Jazzercise being in town. The second floor of the Havenmakers Building is being renovated with new ceiling, electrical, heat/air, lighting, new kitchen, bath and private enterance off of 2nd Street.  Paul Anderson is completing most of the work along with Affordable Plumbing and Welte Construction.  We are working for a Feb. 1st opening date.  The space-over 1200 fsf will be available for weddings, parties, meetings and is designed for flexible use."

Jeanne Anderson
Havenmakers-Deeb Realty

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Ringing in the Season - One Week Away!
 Please Contact Mandi - at 234-FOOD and do your part to make this year the best ever!
Building the Firefighters of Tomorrow
Ann Robbins of CCEMA speaks to John Harrington
About this Exciting New Venturing  Program
Ann M.P. Robbins, RN
Medical Coordinator
Cass County Emergency Management Agency
8400 144th St., Suite 200
PO Box C
Weeping Water, NE 68463-0195
(402) 267-6765 Office  
One Act Play - Tuesday 7PM

Turkey Shoot!
T-Bird Photo Contest
$25 Prize!
(sponsored by Nebraska Community Websites )
Show Grandma you know how to operate that new digital Camera, and Show Us The Bird!
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2008 Thanksgiving
Photo Contest!

Share your Thanksgiving family/feast photo with
the Community and win some gravy!
Snap that family Thanksgiving photo and before you settle in to watch the Huskers Game email it to us. We will vote, and send $25 to the most popular photo! You also get to vote!

Email your entry with some label like "Smith Family 2008" to John@WireBuilt.com and we will announce the winner in the Dec 3rd, Community Newsletter

Questions, email to John@WireBuilt.com or call 234-2345

Think Gravy and Smile!
The Chronicles of Jane, Book Seven by Alan Haehnel

Tuesday December 2, 2008 at 7pm
Louisville Public School
Elementary Gym

Join us for “The Chronicles of Jane, Book Seven”, by Alan Haehnel. Jane works against unbelievable odds to finish a term paper in time to save her grade. Can she do it?
Come and see!

The Louisville High School
One Act team are the ECNE Conference
Third Place finishers! 
Fitness Classes in Manley
Josoff Training is also planning a fitness boot camp in Manley 
The class will be held at the
Manley School Building on Cherry St.

Starting December 2nd running thru December 20th
Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 6:45pm and Saturday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30am.
This will be a coed fitness bootcamp class for beginner to advanced levels of fitness.  Children are welcome!
I will be running a 3 week special for the Holidays. 3 weeks for the price of two!!! 
3 week price $90 - Holiday price $60!
Sign up before November 29th get a discount of $2 per class! ONLY $48 for 3 weeks!!
If after the 1st week you do not like the class
your money will be refunded 100%!
If you sign up after November 29th it will be $10 per class after the 1st week.
Space is limited, registration is first come first serve.
People that would like to reserve their spot in class can email me:
First and Last Name
Phone #
if they would like to bring kids, how many and ages.
If you have any questions or would like more information please call!
Shannon Josoff CPT

Josoff Training LLC

14910 Grover Street Suite 200
Omaha, Ne. 68144
Cass County Fire and Rescue Venturers

The Cass County Mutual Aid Association, in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America will be holding its first monthly Cass County Fire and Rescue Venturers meeting at the Cass County Emergency Management Agency (CCEMA) on Monday, November 24 at 7:00 pm. The CCEMA is located on the northeast corner of the Cass County Fairgrounds.

The program is teen-driven. Members will decide what areas of fire and rescue they would like to investigate and adult advisors will act as resources for the venturing crew, facilitating their learning. Teens who are freshmen in high school through 18 years old are invited to attend. There is a $15 membership fee due at the second meeting. The hope is that, after attaining the age of 19 years old, program participants will join their hometown fire departments, preserving the heritage of volunteering in Cass County. Please call 250-8139 for more information.

The Cass County Mutual Aid Association, in partnership with Boy Scouts
of America, is starting a Fire and Rescue Venturing Program for
high-school-aged young adults county-wide.
The purpose of the Fire and Rescue Venturing Program is to recruit and
retain firefighters and EMTs throughout the county. By recruiting
high-school age young adults and exposing them to the exciting careers
of fire and rescue, they will learn the basics of EMS and fire safety
and suppression with the intent of transitioning into their local
volunteer fire departments upon graduation upon their 18th birthdays
or graduation from high school, whichever comes later.

The bi-weekly meetings of the Venturers will be held at the Cass
County Emergency Management Agency in Weeping Water, NE. They will
emulate real fire department business meetings and experienced EMTs,
first responders and firefighters will provide training. The Venturers
will also apply concepts, techniques and skills they have learned
through hands-on activities and mock rescue drills outside of their
meeting times.

They will have roles and responsibilities within the program mirroring
a real fire department as well, with adult advisor counterparts.
Through this model, the Fire and Rescue Venturing Program will provide
Venturers with leadership opportunities, the ability to steer their
own program, to have some control over what areas of fire and EMS they
want to explore and to give them opportunities for success.

The Cass County Mutual Aid Association Venturing Program, although
focused on fire and rescue, will also adhere to the core goals of the
Boy Scouts of America Venturing Program. Young adults involved in
Venturing will experience a program that is fun and full of challenge
and adventure, become a skilled training and program resource for Cub
Scouts, Boy Scouts, and other groups, acquire skills in the areas of
fire and rescue, experience positive leadership from adult and youth
leaders and be given opportunities to take on leadership roles, and
have a chance to learn and grow in a supportive environment full of
fun and adventure.

Venturers are expected to know and live by the Venturing Oath and Code.
They promise to be faithful in religious duties, treasure their
American heritage, help others, seek truth and fairness and act with
honor, dignity and fairness.
There is a reward and recognition program associated with Venturing which will honor participants for their achievements on a quarterly and an annual basis.
The Venturing Program participants will work
together on a collective goal and, at the same time, will be able to
explore other areas of expertise and may excel independently from the

The hope of the Mutual Aid Association is that this Venturing Program
will truly be a county-wide, collaborative effort with each fire
department taking some ownership and contributing to the program in
whatever capacity in which it is able.

Teens who are interested in joining the Cass County Mutual Aid
Association’s Venturing Program or adults willing to assist are
encouraged to call the program coordinator, Ann Robbins, at 250-8139
for more information. Brochures explaining the program are available
at the Cass County Emergency Management Agency and at individual fire
departments throughout the county.
Ann M.P. Robbins, RN
Medical Coordinator
Cass County Emergency Management Agency
8400 144th St., Suite 200
PO Box C
Weeping Water, NE 68463-0195
(402) 267-6765 Office 
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From the Editor
Thanks a Lot!
Fun, Fun, Fun till the doctor takes the T-Bird away.

  A Season of Gravy!

 There can be no better holiday, then a festival of Feasting, and the ceremonial  Watching of College football

I mean what do we work hard all year for?


This is a great Country!

I am a little concerned however about this recent "Fitness Fashion Trend" that is gaining momentum in Louisville. I had the great opportunity to interview Shannon Josoff and it left me feeling guilty about what I plan to do for the next few days:

Eat and Goof Off

She just SOUNDS so darn Healthy when you talk to her. She was using a cell phone, and I kept hearing these loud "Clinks" like she was lifting weights while we were talking! 

She was pumping iron,

and I was thinking pumpkin pie..

For some reason, I get a mental picture of Shannon shaking her head and scowling at the idea of me with whipped cream behind my right ear, and a huge Apple Pie in my sights. Gulp!

I know she is right, she has the combined weight of the world's medical community on her side, and I have the combined weight of several Yams, Mashed Potatoes, Drumsticks and Stuffing - plus 2 helpings of PIE!

I have the additional burden of a very great cook for a wife, and we had a feast, this last weekend in preparation for the official Family Feast on Thursday. A Pre-Feast Feast


Well, I figure it is gonna be LENT before we know it, I will give up food for 40 days, plus I plan to work up a real sweat watching Nebraska Humiliate Colorado on Friday.

  I can always tell Shannon, ok, ...I give up - Give Me the Works!

She will get me back in shape in time for next Year's Feast! 

Having Fun and Beating on Ralphie South of the River
Computer John