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  New Holiday Lights Debut

Sneak Preview - 4PM Today!  
Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 - Main Street Louisville

4PM CST Main Street - until about 8PM
Timed to allow the Mayor and City Council to View The Completed Work
( but you can take a peek also )
BREAKING NEWS:  Louisville luminary, Joel Jones to flip the switch

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Girl Scouts Collect Cans - Fundraiser 

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  Click HERE for a PDF version of the Louisville Public Library Community Survey prepared by your Louisville library board. They are looking for input to make the library a more effective facility. Your responses are appreciated. Please return completed surveys to the library. Or, they can be mailed or dropped off at the city office or the library. The library board really appreciates the input of the residents. This survey went out to all to all water users, but didn't get to residents outside of town and we need your ideas and input too!!

Any Questions on this Survey can be directed to the City at 234-7605

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PTO Carnival - Steph Wolcott

The PTO Carnival
held Saturday November 8th was a success!
Games, cotton candy, entertainment, food, beauty booth, tattoo parlor, classroom baskets, and  silent auction were all parts of the carnival that provided fun for the community. 
The PTO would like to thank all the people that supported our school by attending this event.
Thank you to all that volunteered their time, talents, and hard work that made this event a success. 
Thank you to all the businesses that donated items to the silent auction. 
And lastly, thank you to all the elementary students and parents, who donated items for the classroom baskets. 
It took the help of many individuals for the Carnival to come together. 
The PTO appreciates every ones help and generosity!  The $3,000 that was raised will be used to fund class room field trips for Louisville students.
7 Year Itch - Art Gallery
 BUILD Presentation Committee Selects Holiday Banners
Exclusive Interview With Keith Hentzen
 Owner Springfield Drug
The Springfield "Mystery Tree" and Legendary "Husker 61 Sundae" 


FROM:  7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Fall cleanup day is scheduled for November 15th. It will again be held at the corner of 3rd & Walnut from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. No hazardous waste will be collected.
The girl scouts will be collecting aluminum cans as a fundraiser at the same time.
Waste Management provides these cleanup days as part of their contract; this is the time to get rid of yard waste and bulk items. After December 1st, until March 30th, yard waste will be picked up on regular pickup day (Monday) at the curb.
A big change will occur after the first of the year; Waste Management will charge for bulk items picked up at the curb, such as furniture, on the regular pickup day. Residents must call and schedule bulk item pickup at least 24 hours in advance. Residents may also call this number to report a missed pickup. 1-800-232-1859 is the Call Center number for Waste Management. Please use this number as it helps them measure their success.
As a reminder – these are the acceptable recyclable items: newsprint, corrugated cardboard, highgrade paper, aluminum, steel, bimetal and tin cans, and #1 thru #7 plastic. These items go in the rectangular bin on the opposite side of the driveway on Mondays.

Public Library Community Survey

  Click HERE for a PDF version of the Louisville Public Library Community Survey prepared by your Louisville library board. They are looking for input to make the library a more effective facility. Your responses are appreciated. Please return completed surveys to the library. Or, they can be mailed or dropped off at the city office or the library. The library board really appreciates the input of the residents. This survey went out to all to all water users, but didn't get to residents outside of town and we want their responses too!!

Any Questions on this Survey can be directed to the City at 234-7605


B.U.I.L.D.’s Ringing in the Season will be held on December 6, 2008. Watch for flyers around town to let you know what’s happening that day. Calling all crafters – Pat Schliefert is planning a craft show during Ringing in the Season and would like all interested crafters to call her at the Senior Center, Tuesday-Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (234-2120)


Remember to ask door-to-door salespeople for their solicitor’s permit. These permits are issued at the city office and help us keep track of who is in town selling things. They are also not allowed out after 8:00 p.m. Please report salespeople without permits to the Cass County Sheriff.


The Senior Center is available to rent for parties and gatherings. Just call the city office for prices and availability. The Seniors would like to invite everyone to their Covered Dish Dinners the first Monday of the month at noon. Also, everyone is invited to Biscuits & Gravy the last Saturday of the month from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The food is always great and you can’t beat the price.


The Mayor, City Council, and City employees would like to invite all residents to attend a Holiday Open House to be held Friday, December 19, 2008 at City Hall. Cookies, coffee and punch will be served from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


The City Hall will be closed on the following dates during the holidays:

November 27 & 28, 2008

December 24 & 25, 2008

December 31, 2008 & January 1, 2009
Louisville Art Gallery presents
"The Seven Year Itch -
Seven Year Anniversary Invitational"
Opening Reception

Dear Art Lover,

Saturday evening, November 15, from 6:30-10PM is the opening reception for the final show of 2008. Titled "The Seven Year Itch - Seven Year Anniversary Invitational", this show is shaping up to be a great one. Over thirty artists brought in new and recent works of art to make the Gallery look great, and determining where to place everything is providing me with an interesting challenge. Things are moving forward, though, and everything should be ready for Saturday night. There will be plenty of visual stimulation upstairs and down, so give yourself plenty of time to peruse both floors.

Harpist Karen Conoan returns to provide some great atmosphere for the event. She has played here at past openings, and I am looking forward to hearing her sweet sounds fill the Gallery once again. She is such a pleasant person and it is my pleasure to expose you to her talent.

I would like all those who have supported the Gallery throughout the past seven years, whether you were here at the beginning, or have just recently stumbled upon the place. Your patronage has made it all possible. The original goal was five years, then six showed up suddenly, and now I am thinking that ten sounds like a nice round number. Also, special thanks go out to all of the people who have unselfishly volunteered their time and efforts helping to set up shows and working in the Gallery during the openings. There is no way it could have come this far without their devotion of time and labor.

One last event to put on your calendar for 2008 is the "Annual Winter Solstice Poetry Reading", which will be held in the Gallery on Sunday afternoon, December 14th, from 2- 5PM. This is always a lot of fun, and all are welcome. If you like, you can get up and share a favorite poem or two with the audience, or just sit back and listen while escaping the mad December mall crush.

That is it for now, so makes plans to stop in Saturday evening; it would be great to see you. Hope you can make it.


The Gallery is open
on Saturdays 11:30-4:00
& by appointment

Louisville Art Gallery
230 Main St.
P.O. Box 160
Louisville, Nebraska 68037
Louisville Art Gallery: Painting, Sculpture, Pottery, Glass and more.
the Gallery is open for artists' receptions,
special events and by appointment only.
The Gallery is open
on Saturdays 11:30am -4:00pm
BUILD President Terri Scholting and Ringing in the Season Event Chair Mandi Chubb, and Presentation Committee Chair Kathy Copple announced today that a decision has been reached, and the Presentation Committee will be providing the City New Holiday Banners for the City Light Poles in time for the Ringing in the Season event.
This is an example of the new Banner Design:
 Local Businesseses will be Funding the Festive Decorations
  If your business would like a Banner Please call Terri at 234-2504  
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Principal Sponsor
Louisville Community Website



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Louisville Care Community
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Week of 11/10/08 Jobs Offered


Loan Administrator


-          Microsoft Office – Excel, Word, Outlook

-          Customer Service – in person and over the phone

-          Good written and verbal communication

-          Teamwork – ability to be flexible and multi-task

-          Professionalism/Confidentiality


-          Loan clerk/loan processing

-          PCS Vision Software

-          Lending Compliance Regulations (RESPA, TIL, etc.)

-          Legal Documentation (UCC, DOTs, Titles, etc.)

-          LASERPRO Loan Documentation Software

-          Real Estate Loan Processor

o       Be able to assist loan officers in processing real estate loans (In house and/or Secondary market)

o       Processing applications

o       Following up on verifications, appraisals, etc.

o       Generation of documents in LaserPro

For more Information contact Diane Heard at Home State Bank phone 402-234-2155 email diane@hsbonline.com


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Platte River State Park

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Mahoney State Park

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Shadow Lake Towne Center
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From the Editor
Louisville at Light Speed
From Concept to Installed in Record Time

..autumn?.. my bottom..

Hey. what happened to Fall?

I was just getting into that wonderful Fall Frame of Mind, Pumpkins, cider. Football and colorful leaves, and wham!

Suddenly it is dark, and cold with freezing drizzle..

this does not bode well

I have a feeling, we are in for a serious winter. 

..well at least we are bowl-eligible this year!!

Gator?  maybe?!!


I think that we should take a minute and recognize the sheer power of leadership, management, organization and co-operation

we are going to be treated to a little display of Louisville "CAN-DO'ism" at 4PM

60 days ago, we were all feeling really whipped. We were gathered at a BUILD meeting and we had all pretty much agreed that Christmas in Louisville was probably a next year agenda item.

Discussion of all the festive Holiday activities, either ended with: Not Enough People, Not Enough Time, Not Enough Money  or all 3.

Especially the holiday lights agenda item. This was such a sore spot, nobody even wanted to discuss it. The local fire inspector had given the impression that he would not recommend using any of the existing Christmas Lights - some business owners had made it clear, that they wanted no part in any plans of any kind to renovate. We had managed to burn out not only lights, but the core of our talent to execute events, like Ringing in the Season.

This is what happens when you lean heavily on the same volunteers year after year. Eventually folks need a breather and then what do you do? 

The short version of the story is that Mandy Chubb stepped forward to take a new leadership position and shoulder a huge chunk of the burden. That really inspired everybody!

Terri created a special session, John Plucknett brought creative new ideas and options, Our Mayor and our City Council told Terri "we got your back!" Todd and Joel said, "Hey we can do that!" Councilman Derby and Joel said "I got an idea!" and invented and manufactured a new roof bracket. -

Todd and Joel demonstrated Unlimited Vision and kicked their project into high gear.

The entire BUILD group found new energy and resolve!  As a result; Today at 4PM today all the Who's down is Whoville get to see a minor miracle.


"They say that the Grinches heart grew 3 Sizes that day"

There is a long list of people that really busted their hump to make all this happen! You know, we are all too busy, too tired - but if you really want to get re-energized you just need to be around these guys for 20 mintes! That energy and optimism is catchy! Call Mandi now 234-FOOD ( you can't forget that number ) and let her know that you would like to help with Christmas!

All but one of the Louisville businesses participated in the Louisville Lights Initiative...

All But One..

(there is always one, isn't there) 

I can't tell you which business did not participate. I promised not to say a word. But my guess is that you just might notice who has matching new Christmas lights, and who does not

'nuff said


Having Fun and Looking For Lights South of the River
Computer John