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Unanimous Vote

At their May 6th Meeting,  The Louisville  BUILD Group voted their unanimous support for all 3 of the Ballot Proposals scheduled for a vote on May 13th.

Click Here for 3 Proposal  Details


  Parade Excitement Grows!

Secret Preparation Details for the 2008 Community Parade 5/17 are surfacing and the Excitement is growing! We received official confirmation now on the Return of the Steppin Saints , the first ever Shriners appearance, Karate experts and dozens of new float entries. Please take a minute right now, and Click Here to register your bunch for the parade! The Events committee needs the info this week.


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Louisville Postmaster Allison say's

Buy "Forever Stamps " before Monday!

 Stamps Increasing by One Cent to 42¢ on May 12


  A Man and his Mower - A Sad Story



Louisville Postmaster Allison say's

Buy Stamps Today!

Stamps Increasing by One Cent to 42¢ on May 12

 Forever Stamp Will Still Get Your Letter Delivered

  “The Postal Service developed the Forever Stamp for consumers to ease the transition during price changes,” said Postmaster General John Potter. “We encourage Americans to buy Forever Stamps now for 41 cents, because like the name suggests, they are good forever.” The price goes up to 42 cents on May 12.

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Editors Note:

"The "Forever Stamp"   may end up being the best deal ever, as the cost of fuel continues to increase. If Allison says buy now, I think her advice is real good! 


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From the Editor
The First Cut is the Greenest
A Man and his Mower..
Larry stroked his chin thoughtfully..
.."probably bad gas".. he said.. 
I remember Larry at the Hardware Store telling me to put a little Gas Stabilizer in my old Craftsman Lawn Tractor fuel last fall. I thought about it, then I decided Nah.. it's a Craftsman, it is tough, and we don't need no wimpy fuel stabilizer. This lawn tractor is so tough, it stays out in the weather all winter! No cover, no shed, no complaints, just ice and sleet, snow and cold! Helps toughen 'em Up! Builds character! That's what I say!
Besides, I invested in that tank full of Gas when it was $1.65 a gallon! It will be just fine.

Rats! I really hate being wrong, it throws my timing off.
The good folks at Pankonin's made a great Case for me getting  a REAL lawn Tractor years ago. but I didn't listen. RATS!

Ok, new Battery, new Plugs, (New Gapper can't find my old one), new Air Filter, New Fuel Filter, fresh tank of gas, Fuel Pump, new Fuel Line, New Oil, Oil Filter, Briggs and Stratton manual... 

As Charlie Brown Says: Uuuugh!! 

sidebar: I told my Son many years ago, that we are all the sum - total of the decisions that we make. That is not true most places on the globe, but in this Country it can fairly be said that we can make our own choices, and our lives will then be the result of our choices, good or bad. It follows then, that If a man chooses a crummy mower, he shall reap the harvest that he has sewn. My neighbor Bill has a Cub Cadet and he is all smiles and his lawn is nicely trimmed

Hey, look on the bright side: I'd bet this tractor on a flat bed, with some balloons would make a great Parade Float!
I will get a bunch of those mini-snickers bars to throw for the kids, (last year we froze them so they were extra special tasty. They were a big success!!)
After the Parade, I can make this stupid Lawn Tractor into an attractive planter, and go see Dave and company at Pankonins for a Real Lawn Tractor! ( Click Here )
Having Fun and Gapping Plugs South of the River
Computer John