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The city wants to keep the citizens informed of the water situation. There have been several complaints lately of discoloration of the water and we want to explain the situation as best we can.

The ultimate reason for the condition of the water is the years of neglect to the water mains in town which have left them with an abundance of build up. Nebraska Health and Human Services mandated chemical injections to break up those deposits. Unfortunately, no one really knew for sure how long it would take for the process to work. The city is hoping we are seeing the worst, but canít guarantee that. 

The polyphosphates that are being injected do two things: first, it breaks loose the build up in the lines and second, it suspends new particles so they donít build up. The state also mandates chlorine injections to disinfect the particles that break loose. The discoloration tells us the process is working! The reason it has been so noticeable the last week or so is because water usage is down this time of year and the chemicals stay in the pipes longer. The maintenance crew is doing itís best to flush the hydrants on warm days and keep the water moving through the system. Some of the things that can determine whether your home is experiencing the discoloration worse than others are: elevation, age of mains in your neighborhood, location compared to main, usage within your home, etc. 

If the discoloration is particularly bad at your home, please call the city office and the crew will determine if hydrants in your area can be flushed. Be assured the water is safe and the city is doing everything possible for the citizens of Louisville. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dave Pankonin, Mayor

Dan Henry, City Supervisor

Dee Arias, City Clerk

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