As a couple of brand new beautiful signs appeared in Louisville:

(Nice signs, Paul and Nancy!)

we've decided to take a closer look at the businesses that has opened in the last 2-3 years 
or invested into better look of our Main Street:

This bright red owning at Berner Real Estate has really dressed up the building :)

And this sign has just appeared this summer too, good job, Cori!

Leibman Financial Services sign and green owning on the old-fashioned building looks great!

Louisville Art Gallery - that figure with guitar Steve has created really attracts attention!

Coop De Ville is all lime green and ready for Holiday shopping!

This sign seems to be on a Main street for awhile, I guess I just liked it

Special Thanks to Maureen at ACE Hardware - she took a very good care of that corner.
Beautiful flowers, Maureen! It made our Main Street look better too!

I'd also like to mention Art Chicks Whimsical Garden with cascades of flowers all this season 
and flowers at the Snow Dog printing. Adds a wonderful touch to the image Louisville.
Thanks everybody and let me know if I've forgotten to mention some!
(You are always welcome to post a note at the discussion forum :)


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