May 5, 2003



The Louisville Planning Commission meeting was held on May 5, 2003, 7:00 p.m. at the City Hall and called to order by Chairman Ronda Anderson. Members present were Bill Nessen, Del Stites, Randy Jensen, and alternate, Bob Keiter. Candy McClun, Kathy Stohlmann and Jim Williams were absent. Also present were Mayor Dave Pankonin, Dan Henry, JEO Representative Keith Marvin and guests.

Stites moves, Jensen seconds to approve the minutes of the March 31, 2003 minutes. Ayes – 4, nays – none. Motion carried.

Nessen moves, Stites seconds to open the public hearing on the Future Land Use Map, Official Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance Text changes at 7:01 p.m. Ayes – 4, nays – none. Motion carried. The Planning Commission looked at the map provided by JEO. Keith Marvin pointed out a part of the map that says RS but needs to say TA. It is colored correctly, just labeled wrong. When the map is approved, JEO will make copies for the zoning books. Dennis Barnes was present and asked the commission to clarify the changes pertaining to animal numbers. Keith explained the change as being not more than 20 animals shall be established on not less than 20 acres will be added to the language. Ronda explained to Denny that his circumstance is grandfathered because he has an existing use of the land. If he stopped using in that manner for over a year, then he would have to comply with the new regulations. Denny was reassured that normal farming operations are allowable in TA with the exception of raising a large amount of livestock. The commission next reviewed the proposed Future Land Use Map. The references are turned around but will be corrected before the city council meeting. It was pointed out that the one mile jurisdiction changed because of the annexations of Southridge and Prairie Hills. The language changes to the zoning ordinance were then discussed. The first was the text changes in TA zoning. One change would be number 5 in the permitted uses section, to add 20 acre minimum as discussed earlier. Another change proposed is to bump number 10 in permitted conditional uses from 4 acres to 10 acres. Number 13 was struck entirely, which is sale barns, from conditional uses. Changes to R-2 District include eliminating item number 1 from permitted uses and item number 1 from conditional uses which is a reference back to R-1 saying anything allowed in R-1 was automatically allowed in R-2. Changes to B-1 under permitted conditional uses are the striking of h, l and m from number 4 as those items are redundant. Changes to I-1 include the addition of item number 20 under permitted uses which states car washes and truck washes, manual or automatic are allowed. I-2 permitted uses number 1 would be eliminated as well because it refers back to I-1. The last change discussed was regarding accessory buildings. Mike Hoover was present to clarify the changes. Section 4.12.06 would be changed to allow metal siding and similar materials. The maximum side wall height was also discussed to change from 10’ to 12’ with a 17’ peak maximum. Overhang was determined to be 12” on ends and 18” on sides. Maximum width of 36’ was confirmed. Keith recommends 4.12.06 to read:
Detached garages and outbuildings in Residential Districts for storage uses and other structures customary and appurtenant to the permitted uses.
1. Be constructed of materials that are in good repair,
2. The sidewalls of said building shall not exceed 12 feet in height,
3. Garages shall have a maximum width of 36 feet
4. Garages shall be constructed and finished with color similar to residential construction, and not in a galvanized finish,
5. Garages shall have 18 inch eaves on side walls and 12 inch eaves on the end walls,

Maximum height is already 17’ for accessory buildings and uses in residential districts except RS and that should be changed. Nessen moves, Stites seconds to close the public hearing at 7:40 p.m. Ayes – 4, nays – none. Motion carried. 

Stites moves, Jensen seconds to recommend the Land Use Map as modified. Ayes – 4, nays – none. Motion carried. Stites moves, Nessen seconds to recommend the zoning map in whole with noted changes. Ayes – 4, nays – none. Motion carried. Jensen moves, Nessen seconds to approve the text changes to the zoning regulations. Ayes – 4, nays – none. Motion carried. 

The next agenda item was a violations discussion. Dan addressed the commission and said he learned at a zoning conference he attended that most towns have code enforcement officers. That officer would have a citation book and issue them accordingly. Dan has visited with Roger the city attorney and he is working on an ordinance for this matter. The commission had been provided with copies of ordinances with violations listed. Cars seemed to be the biggest issue. Overgrown weeds are also a concern as summer approaches. Dave complimented Dan’s work cleaning up the town and stated we need to keep the momentum going. Dan updated the commission on the projects being done in town. 

Dave thanked the planning commission for all their work and time.

Jensen moves, Nessen seconds to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 p.m. Ayes – 4, nays – none. Motion carried. 

Bill Nessen, Secretary

Dee Arias, Recording Secretary

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