March 3, 2003


The Louisville Planning Commission meeting was held on March 3, 2003, 7:00 p.m. at the City Hall and called to order by Secretary Bill Nessen. Members present were Candy McClun, Jim Williams, Randy Jensen and Kathy Stohlmann. Ronda Anderson and Del Stites were absent. Also present were Dan Henry and Clete Petrzilka.

Williams moves, Jensen seconds to approve the minutes of the February 3, 2003 minutes. Ayes – 5, nays – none. Motion carried.

Dan Henry filled the planning commission in on events occurring in the last few weeks with the city council. Dan resigned as Mayor and will be offered the position as city supervisor. The city supervisor position will consist of building inspector and zoning administrator, as well as other duties. This supervisor will address the concerns of the planning commission as far as violation ordinances. He suggests getting with the city attorney to define violations. Article 4 in the code book lists all the violations. 

There was a brief discussion regarding the first home in Southridge that the rear yard setback is not standard. The group was told on page 37 of the zoning regulation chapter there is a clause that states “the required rear yard may be reduced to 20% of the depth of the lot where the required rear setback is greater than 20% of the depth of the lot.” The pie-shaped lot in question has one side that is only 90’ deep, which requires only an 18’ rear setback. The city’s interpretation was verified by the planner at JEO and the building permit was issued based on the findings. The planning commission looked at a map of the subdivision just to get the facts and understanding in case this matter comes up again. 

Violations were discussed, for example, abandoned vehicles and general appearance of yards. Dan asked the commission what they wanted the council to do about violations. Different options were discussed. Fairness and consistency were stressed. The city attorney will be consulted. Dan read from the code book a portion of the list of violations. The idea of coordinating the start of the violation crackdown with spring cleanup was mentioned. 

The next item on the agenda was a discussion of zoning in the one mile jurisdiction. A new map will have to be considered if Ordinance 610 is repealed. An aerial map was again suggested with an overlay of the current zoning map to help make informed decisions. Clete reviewed the council’s discussion on the subject from the February 26th meeting. The council left the situation up to the attorney to sit down with the county assessor to talk about each individual property whose zoning was changed. There was question as to what Ordinance 610 exactly contained. A copy was read aloud. There were five components to Ordinance 610, the comp plan, the zoning map, zoning regulations, subdivision regulations, and a flood ordinance. Basically, the last three of those items have already been repealed by the adoption of new zoning, subdivision and flood ordinances a month ago. There was clarification made that as ag land became developed and platted, the zoning was changed to RS. Those properties such as Northridge and Indian Hills were already zoned RS prior to the 1997 map. Kathy had some information she’d gotten from the internet concerning zoning issues. There was a suggestion to leave outside areas TA with an overlay of RS, so it stays TA until platted. McClun moves, Stohlmann seconds to table this discussion until the more information can be gathered. Ayes – 5, nays – none. Motion carried. 

Candy brought to the commission’s attention a new business next door to her, a massage business, and she wondered if proper permits had been obtained. There is also concern about a sign on the property being placed in the yard. A conditional use permit is probably necessary and will be looked into. The zoning regulations were read concerning this issue and home occupations were referenced. 

Nessen moves, Jensen seconds to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. Ayes – 5, nays – none. Motion carried. 

Bill Nessen, Secretary

Dee Arias, Recording Secretary

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