November 8, 2000
Time: 7:00
Place: City Office

1) Roll Call

2) Motion to approve and/or correct

3) Hearings


4) Communications, Petitions, Remonstrances


5) Ordinances/Resolutions (*resolutions require one motion) (**ordinances require two motions, one to introduce and suspend the three required statutory readings, and one to adopt)

a. *Resolution 2000-46 99 PW 008 Street Dist 98-1(Main St) DED drawdown #15 & warrants
     *Insituform payment #1 $36,753.60, Jeo $8,060.28
     *Insituform change order #1 $78.00 [total contract $38,688]

b. *Resolution 2000-47 99 HO 604 Rehab DED drawdown #6 & payments $1,968.48

c. Ordinance #698 Ordinance Codification
    *Motion to introduce & suspend the 3 statutory readings
     *Motion to adopt, post, & publish

d. Ordinance #699 Water Utility Bonds
    *Motion to introduce & suspend the 3 satutory readings
     *Motion to adopt, post, & publish

e. Ordinance # 700 Sales tax [depends upon election results]
*Motion to introduce & suspend the 3 statutory readings
*Motion to adopt, post, & publish

6) Old Business

a. JEO, Eric Obert:
     Well: temporary well; *approval of plans & phase 1 bid letting publication
     Septic locations; grinder pump installation
     MAIN ST 99 PW 008: project review
     Prairie Hill Street District: review [intend to approve plans & publish for bids in Dec]
     Maxon easement $7,500 includes water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer [Morten & Jeo]

b. Haynie property; fire department to get proper inspections done [?]

c. Lindquist property: trees overhanging street [motion required if proceeding with nuisance hearing]

d. 99 HO 604 applicant #15 bid approval Doty Construction $23,067

e. Lot 804 & triangle parcel: rescind sale "conflict of interest" [Morten]

7) New Business


8) Reports

a. Police

b. Care Center

c. Peoples' Service

d. Library

e. Maintenance/Safety

f. Fire Dept /Rescue: Cedar Creek agreement with LRFD squad fund [$3,000 invested for squad replacement] (Chriswisser ?)

g. Louisville Jaycees

h. Administrative

9) Adjournment

Planning Commission (6:30 meetings): Dates 12/4/00
Care Center: (Qrtly-Apr, July, Oct, Jan; 6:30 meetings): DATES: 12/13/00
Library Attendance (Qrtly: Apr, July, Oct, Jan; 6:30 meetings): DATES: 12/13/00

AGENDA IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE: the agenda shall not be enlarged later than twenty-four hours before the scheduled commencement of the meeting.

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