WireBuilt Company was authorized by the Village of Louisville on Wednesday, April 12th, 2000 to build and maintain an Internet site that would benefit the community and economy of Louisville Nebraska.

LouisvilleNebraska.Com has a charter to provide current, correct and convenient information on any subject of importance to the citizens of Louisville. Additionally the project will provide a convenient venue for the Louisville business community to build viable and accessible commercial websites to encourage patronage and economic growth within our community.

It is with great pride in our home town, that WireBuilt Company accepts the responsibility not only for the design, build and maintenance of the project but to work with all those in the community that desire to be hosted, gain access or otherwise contribute to the project.

Financial support for this project will be realized through sponsorship from local Business and Community leaders who share the ultimate goals of the project.

Please direct any comments or concerns to the City of Louisville at city@louisvillenebraska.com

or to WireBuilt Company at:

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