Governor's Showcase Community Award Recognition Ceremony

Governor Johanns has arrived to Louisville Volunteer Fire Department for Recognition Ceremony 
after tour in Louisville (see Itinerary below). Shaking hands with Lynn Berner-Smith.

Louisville School Band has played some music (thank you!) to greet the Governor.

Before the ceremony Governor Johanns was talking to Louisville citizens.

Governor and LVFD Chief Jerry McClun.

LVFD hall was full, many Louisville citizens came to attend Recognition Ceremony

Before the ceremony. Right to left: Mayor Dan Henry, Governor Johanns,
Mike Neruda, Todd Crawford, Senator Roger Wehrbein.

Mike Neruda, Deputy Under Secretary for USDA Rural Development, Washington D.C.

State Senator Roger Wehrbein

Governor Johanns said about Louisville achivements: "I am enormously impressed".
(see news release below)

Presentation of Showcase Community Award by Governor Johanns to Mayor Dan Henry
and Community of Louisville.

Dan Henry thanked Governor Johanns on behalf of Community of Louisville.